Maine cannabis legalization a go after foes drop recount effort

Maine officially became the latest state, and the second in New England, to legalize adult-use cannabis after opponents formally abandoned their demand for a recount.

The No on 1 campaign, as the anti-legalization effort was called, notified Maine’s secretary of state of the decision on Saturday, the Portland Press Herald reported.

Maine voters approved legalization 381,692 to 377,619 on Nov. 8, a margin of 4,073, according to unofficial election-day results.

Gov. Paul LePage, a legalization opponent, must now certify the results, and marijuana possession and home cultivation will become legal 30 days after that. Adult-use retail sales aren’t expected to start until 2018.

Under the new law, adults would be permitted to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and grow a specified number of plants. Retail stores and social clubs would also be legal.

The recount had been suspended last week for the holiday break.

“After counting nearly a third of all the ballots in Maine, it was clear that the recount was not going to change the result. We are grateful that the No on 1 campaign has conceded and look forward to working together toward a successful implementation of Question 1,” said David Boyer, campaign manager for Yes on 1.

Maine, which has permitted medical cannabis since 1999, joins fellow New England state Massachusetts in legalizing recreational marijuana in the Nov. 8 election.

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2 comments on “Maine cannabis legalization a go after foes drop recount effort
  1. Chris Sapiel on

    I’m a Maine caregiver and when they have the rec laws in place the Medical program is getting cut. Yup, the governor of Maine Paul Lepage said” if we have rec then why do weed need medical”? The greed of a few is going to ruin the many. Please help protect the Medical Marijuana program in Maine .
    Your Chris Sapiel
    Native American Medical Marijuana Project

    • stacy wilkerson on

      if it’s legal for all at a certain age limit then there’s no need in having a program in place for people when it’s available to them anyway without the program. IT SHOULD BE AN OPTION FOR ANYONE AT THE CERTAIN AGE RESTRICTION JUST LIKE ALCOHOL. PEOPLE DESERVE to have the alternative and it’s not right that only a few who are deemed worthy by medical professionals would be allowed access to it. The masses need to be saturated with it in the form of edibles and diets to endorse a stronger immune system and for faster healing, not just for a handful of people who have the insurance and funds enough to buy their way into it. A sure way to devastate the black market and addiction epidemic is to legalize it and make it readily available across the nation. People are more than worthy enough to have the alternative and we need the government to regulate and control it. There shouldn’t be no home growing allowed. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Too many criminals for that.

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