Major Union Backs Ohio Marijuana Legalization Effort

One of the biggest politically active unions in the country has thrown its weight behind a push in Ohio to legalize both recreational and medicinal marijuana this November.

Three local chapters of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union in the state announced on Tuesday their support for a ballot measure being spearheaded by a group called ResponsibleOhio.

“We look forward to working with ResponsibleOhio to create good jobs for hardworking Ohioans and their families,” Laurie Couch, spokeswoman for the locals, said in a press release.

The UFCW has been endeavoring to organize cannabis industry workers for years now, and has members in at least six states as well as the District of Columbia so far.

It even has a special wing of the union devoted to the marijuana industry, called Cannabis Workers Rising. In New York, the dispensaries and cultivation sites that will eventually open will even be required by law to be union shops, a result of two years’ worth of lobbying by the UFCW, according to The New York Times.