Ohio MJ Ballot Measure Backers Cleared to Start Gathering Signatures

A well-funded effort to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana in Ohio cleared its latest hurdle Friday when a campaign group was granted permission to begin gathering signatures for the 2015 ballot.

ResponsibleOhio, which is behind the controversial ballot measure, now has until July to collect at least 305,591 signatures to get their initiative before voters this fall. A campaign spokeswoman told that signature gathering could begin as early as next week.

Though that may seem like an immense number of signatures to pull together, ResponsibleOhio probably won’t have much of a problem – it’s already raised at least $36 million for the overall legalization push, so the campaign likely has more than enough funds on hand to pay as many signature-gatherers as it will need.

If the measure does make the ballot, it would be the first-ever attempt in the nation to legalize both MMJ and rec with a single initiative.

ResponsibleOhio has also drawn the ire of competing legalization campaigns that don’t like how its ballot measure is structured because it would grant ownership of the first 10 cultivation sites to a handful of wealthy investors. That even led a San Francisco blog to title a post about the campaign, “Legal marijuana cartel forms in Ohio.”

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2 comments on “Ohio MJ Ballot Measure Backers Cleared to Start Gathering Signatures
  1. Ohio voter on

    What they don’t tell you is that ResponsibleOhio’s plan doesn’t address many current laws regarding marijuana besides legalizing buying small increments from the cartel and homegrowing (with licensing fees)up to four flowering plants.

    One example:

    Possession or cultivation of anything outside the amendments limits is subject to current Ohio laws (felonies).

    ResponsibleOhios plan reads like a business plan and not of benefit to Ohio citizens. Be careful what u wish for

  2. Jay on

    Leave it to Ohio to screw this up for the whole county. Vote no to these rich yuppies and thanks for telling everyone where the warehouses are going to be they better be like Fort Knox because crime rate and black market well go up 100%. Vote no do not sign

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