Manitoba weighs on-site cannabis consumption, but not for smoking

Manitoba’s provincial cannabis store regulator is considering a new type of cannabis business license that would allow on-site consumption of ingestible and topical marijuana products, but would bar smoking or vaping.

The proposed license type could open up new opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs in the prairie province of 1.4 million people, where the government has banned public cannabis consumption of any type, including edibles.

The move “could allow for cafes serving cannabis edibles, or for spas applying topical cannabis products as part of services,” the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) noted in a news release.

A brief survey on the LGCA website asks respondents whether they believe the province should allow cannabis consumption establishments where products can be purchased and consumed but not smoked or vaped.

Other questions ask whether the province should permit “temporary spaces at events like festivals to buy and consume cannabis infused products,” whether cannabis topicals should be allowed for personal services like massage, and whether cannabis consumption establishments should also permit alcohol consumption.

Manitoba’s regulated cannabis sector is growing as the government licenses new private-sector stores.

The public consultation will be open until Sept. 30.

LGCA will not hold in-person consultations because of the COVID-19 pandemic.