Marijuana Business Incubator Launches in Florida

Whether or not medical marijuana passes in Florida on Tuesday, Tampa will be home to a cannabis business incubator.

The Common Bond Collective opened an incubator in the city this week that aims to bolster marijuana-related startups, including those focused on ancillary products and services as well as those directly involved with cannabis, according to a local TV station.

The incubator – housed in an old tobacco warehouse – includes group work spaces that foster collaboration. Resident businesses will be able to get legal, accounting and public relations help as well.

, Marijuana Business Incubator Launches in Florida

Common Bond could see huge interest levels from startups if Florida legalizes medical cannabis next week.

But even if the measure fails, the incubator could find plenty of potential tenants. Companies that don’t handle marijuana but serve businesses in other states where it’s legal have started up recently in Florida, and the state’s recent CBD law will create business opportunities.

One businessman associated with Common Bond told a local TV station that he’s targeting the marijuana industry by focusing on 3D printing materials from bio-fuels and bio-plastics.