Florida Legalizes CBD Oils, 5 Dispensaries

Florida has become the latest state to approve cannabidiol-based extracts for medical purposes, with a twist.

Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill today that gives patients with certain life-threatening ailments access to low-THC oils derived from cannabis.

Florida’s Senate overwhelmingly approved the bill in April.

It’s similar to bills passed recently in Kentucky, Utah and Wisconsin. But unlike those states, Florida will create an actual framework for growing, processing and distributing CBD oils via several heavily regulated dispensaries – meaning there are some business opportunities.

The Florida law allows doctors to prescribe CBD as a “last resort” for patients suffering from severe epilepsy as well as cancer. The state will add these patients to a registry and then allow them to purchase the oil from five “dispensing organizations,” which will be located in separate geographic locations across the state.

The dispensaries will cultivate marijuana plants and synthesize the low-THC extracts on-site.

, Florida Legalizes CBD Oils, 5 DispensariesProfessionals who have operated plant nurseries for at least 30 consecutive years will qualify to obtain a dispensary license.

The regulations for the five centers are similar to dispensary rules in other medical marijuana states. The state will conduct background checks on owners and employees, and dispensaries must meet heavy security requirements and strict licensing guidelines.

An operator must also post a $5 million bond before opening.

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71 comments on “Florida Legalizes CBD Oils, 5 Dispensaries
  1. ken gow on

    One small step for patients of Florida, but what a loss for the entrepreneurs out there. 5 dispensaries and 5 mill bond to take care of 5000 patients.

  2. D.M.S on

    The limitations of such a program on the patients themselves are just as numerous as those placed on the limited potential operators. There is also the aspect of the CBD/epilepsy focus of as late in the media, when the benefit to countless other conditions may very well lie in a wider cannabinoid profile. The act alone of only allowing cultivation facility operators a 10:1 ratio automatically creates many limitations (although there are up to 20:1 available, but choices are extremely limited with these ratios). The long term possibilities though are there as the proposed in itself does pave the way for future revisions across the board.

    • Reagan on

      As a person who deals with moderate – severe anxiety, I feel that CBD oil would be a viable, all natural option for me with zero side effects. I am not using anxiety medication because I do not want to pour more chemicals in my body. This non-phsychadelic oil shows promising studies to help a variety of mental, and medical, health benefits across the board.

      The use of hemp could heavily reduce the amount of trees being cut down drastically. For the amount of money we pay our Government, you would think they would advocate for our well being instead of worrying about the next round of votes. By doing the right things for their constituents, they will have the people’s vote through education and results.

      • Rob on

        Vote RNC Who is for big Business.
        IT IS A CRIME – Even the existing small pot farmers in California will soon be screwed.

  3. wpmflorida on

    This is Gov Scott showing his true colors. The growers are pre-wired to Gov Scott cronies. One of the growers is the cousin of Scotts chief of staff.Just GOP politics as usual.Lets all get Scott packing in November and have revisions in the law installed in the next legislative session so make amendment 2 work for everyone!

    • Nancy on

      Amen get rid of Scott…im glad to see that medical use of cannabis is finally happening. There are more uses besides epilepsy and cancer. Glaucoma to relieve pressure & dialysis patients they go through extreme nausea from treatment, as for instance I’m sure there’s many more.
      If they legalize marijuana and put a tax on it we might be able to get this country out of the deficit we are in.
      Look at Colorado!!! they’ve come so far ahead now

      • Robert on

        This is a good step towards what has been needed for a long time. Safe and reliable medicine without causing any addictions besides physical and mental relief from pain and other symptoms. I still want it to be legal to grow your own. Shortly it will be most likely. The resolution given of only 5 dispensaries opening is rediculous. This should be in every city so every city has the chance to earn the taxes and help our economic deficit. But requirements to be hired even for trimming and extracting should be carried through with the people having a certificate in the industry. Not a random person with no schooling.

      • Becky Soubeyrand on

        How do I get this without being scammed? My mom just sent money to a place for some and now they won’t respond after they received the money. Please help. I want my dad to live!!!

        • MM on

          Hi! I just read your comment, sis you find a good source of cbd oil? did it work for your dad? and if so, where did you get it? than you so much, im desperate

      • Bonnie Brown on

        Definitely people with chronic pain need help. Do some research on Kratom. It’s a plant from Indonesia, thst you eat, it’s for pain, anxiety among other things.

    • Cynthia on

      Looks like SANE people stayed home to me! He’s STILL there & I’m suffering along with MANY chronic pain sufferers!

    • Lynn Eckman on

      Where is Green Rush. I am in 3rd stage lung cancer and the radiation is so close to my esophagus that I am having so much trouble eating even drinking water hurts. I feel exhaust and so tired of the chemoI can’t even locate a doctor but I could go towhere is Green Rush and how do I locate a doctor who can prescribe it. I am in my 3 stage lung cancer taking radiation and chemo and it is causing bad side effects. I have 3 more weeks of treatments and beginning to think that I may not make it. Willing to relocate if I have to

      • Celia on

        you can order Cannabitol which is the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil online. It has no psychotropic properties. go to or call 800 882 0565. It is legal extract from the hemp plant that is useful for a myriad of things including epilepsy, Lou Gerigs Disease, cancer etc. Go to the PubMed website and you will find research and all the data you need.

      • Robert Roth Jr on

        To Lynn I live in CITRUS COUNTY and there is a Doctor in CRYSTAL RIVER writing prescriptions right now for medical marijuana for many ailments I hope you check it out .I also need it for chronic pain I”ve had two hip replacements my knees are shot my back is in very bad shape.I was told over twelve years ago I needed surgery but hav”nt I have severe gout and arthritus all over but enough of my complaining Im sure your pain is excrutiating I lost my aunt two years ago from cancer I understand its not good so God Bless you just hold in there if you can.Robert Roth Jr. of FLORIDA

    • Bonnie on

      Still Lyme Disease is on the Back Burner. I have anxiety, depression, joint pain, disc disease, and the list goes on. After being on my job for seven years I was terminated. I am a candidate for CBD. We are all Canidates. Instead I will fill my body with opoids for the pain. Endure the everyday constipation, the side effects of the opoids and antibiotics, and the know that I will never get better from Lyme Disease. The medicine I need, I am not allowed to have. I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I am an American. I am Proud to be an American. Something is wrong with this country. Just saying.

      • marlene on

        I can identify with your story Bonnie. Even the Brooklyn part. I have Lyme disease and arthritis plus scoliosis. I too am on opiates but the doctor her in Florida has cut my pills down and I suffer unbearably. If you want to contact my email me at [email protected] perhaps we can fight work together on passing a law.

  4. Kevin Federer on

    Legal cbd can be purchased now at
    They have a retail store in Ft Lauderdale as well as doorstep delivery available! Check it out!

  5. Bruce Clark on

    when will doctors have forms for referral ?
    I wouldn’t buy from these online businesses.
    Have been a patient in Colorado for years, now in fla.
    Need potent oil soon. My lungs need it.
    Get synthesized thc from doc, sucks but definately works
    For munchies, makes eyes red, with occasional grin with sidestep when used with hydro.
    My lungs need it bad, or the 10% that works does .

  6. Holistic Hope on

    While this law was a great step in the right direction, as many have pointed out, it still isn’t in effect in Florida.

    While we wait for that to happen, you can get all the legal CBD you need right now from Holistic Hope!

    We ship everywhere in Florida as well as the rest of the country and all of our products are infused with CBD.

    For more info on CBD and how we are able to carry it right here in Florida, check out our website at or give us a call at 954-410-8956.

  7. Mary RN on

    Why would he make the rules be someone who has operated plant nursery’s for 30 years??? That in no way would qualify anyone to grow medical marijuana for medicine. They must use no chemicals, have no mold, they require special treatment because they will become medication and go into the human body. These cannabis plants are in no way the same process as house plants. Growers should be educated in this special field. Education should be the requirement. Education and certifications are required when opening a medical office. A dispensary should be also ran by people educated in medical field such as registered nurses who have had training in cannabis medicine along with the illness we are treating. Someone who could assess if the medicine is helping the patient. Registered nurses (not lpns) are licensed professionals who are permitted to assess patients per their scope of practice. Who do you think assesses you in the hospital and calls your physician when your condition has changed. Who do you ask for medical advice? Why is this so different. Would you prefer a house plant grower or someone educated in medicine. 30 years of experience growing plants and trees or 30 years as a Registered Nurse. This is ridiculous. Obviously this is either ignorance of the medicine or all about the money. You wouldn’t have the pharmaceutical company assess you to see if your medicine is working or needs adjusted, nor do budtenders know about anatomy and physiology or have the expertise a nurse would be able to provide. Patients are not given proper medical care or advice without the opportunity to provide them a medically trained individual to assist. Would you feel good asking the clerk at cvs to explain your digoxin or plavix or levadopa or valium or whatever prescription med your on? These are patients who need this medicine but should be assessed to see if it is working, assist patients in possibly weaning off narcotics or assisting patients in using this while on other medications prescribed for the underlying illness. WOW 5 million!!! You dont need that to open a physician practice. It is not mandatory a physician carry malpractice insurance either. They must disclose to patients that they don’t carry it and i believe have 250k in assets. He has made it impossible for anyone other than folks like him who are incredibly rich. Gov. Scott was CEO of hca corp and was part of a medicare fraud that could afford a 1.7 billion dollar pay out. So…. i guess 5 million is a low figure for him but not for the suits who have NEVER touched a patient in their life!! I understand the difference of CBD and the THC cannabinoids, but these laws are the pathway to what will inevitably be in Florida. These are not the right rules for success with the future of this medicine. The rules do not make sense and have no rational reasons. Help those who are qualified help these patients. First rule of medicine is “thall shall cause no further harm”. Not addressing the actual illness could cause harm. Are you sure you want a house plant person with tons of money to be the requirements to dispense medicine to your family???

    • Natalie on

      Ummm, I would not want a nurse growing my medical marajauna…. You are fine for prescribing the medicine to me, but in no means are you “educated” in growing plants, So leave the growing to the growers, and the medical side to the nurses and doctors.

    • Myneckandmyback on

      Former LPN. What do you have against LPNs? You’re probably one those RNs who looks as good at the end your shift as you did at the start. Your back is probably still in great shape too.

  8. Imagine on

    I have a rare disorder, gastroparesis. Some of the people in my support group tell me that this is the only medicine that works. Others go on to have major surgeries, feeding tubes and still pass on from it. I haven’t tried this, but I would like to.

    • Charlie O on

      I have been recently diagnosed with gastroparesis. Because of other medicines I’m on I cannot use the motility drugs that are normally prescribed for this condition. I have lost over 20% of my total weight in a few months. I can’t eat many things and even they cause a lot of pain after eating. It is impossible to gain weight or get the neutrients I need to have any energy. The options I face are a permanent feeding tube or keep losing weight until I give up. There is no cure. There is no good quality of life when you can’t participate. There is research now that taking cdb can help many people manage this disorder. We need it now

  9. Tori on

    One of the reasons I have been able to successfully use cannabis as medicine for multiple health issues is because it contains a compound called cannabidiol (CBD). And having a medicine that helps me regulate immune function is more valuable to me than I can say

  10. Jason on

    This crazy cuz i just moved here from Detroit Michigan and i had a cannabis medical card and still do and i live here in florida with my wife im dying for some thc my body is in pain and I get very neasus and very bad migraines where in Orlando Florida can i get thc oil or cannabis

  11. JD on

    Thes is nothing. So patients can only receive this as a last resort??? So before that they can get any other kind of nasty drug put into them, but the stuff that might really help they can’t get until for some it might be too late.

  12. Al Ouellette on

    i’m looking for a doctor who can script me up also I had a very sever stroke which is conciders a brain trauma in all medical books I have ever read and just smoking a joint give me some relief to relax my polarizes ican not keep my left side relaxed unless I smoke a joint. and when I smoke a joint I take less pain meds that just make me almost useless in every aspect of life. I do not like taking the strong pain meds and on the doctors scale of pain my pain levels are off the top of there scale. unless I can smoke a joint then and only then can I relax enough to enjoy myself. and I don’t need the very strong meds that just make me a sitting vegetable. so if anyone knows where to go to what ever doctor. to get a script I would appreciate the information I’m from a state that has medical marijuana and I was approved there to have it. how ever the tags are very expensive. but I paid because I needed it. please help me find a doctor. I don’t understand why a page like this doesn’t have a list of doctors that will prescribe it to us…

  13. Jimmy Dia on

    Actually whoever posted the post about CBD not being able to be from hemp because it produces less CBD than marijuana is completely wrong that’s like saying you can’t get water from a camel you have to just extract it then you can add it all together and have any percentage you want ..there are many fly by night online companies selling fake snake oil but There are numerous companies out there selling reliable CBD from hemp just go to and look there or some of the companies I’ve tried that I would recommend are Biokinetic labs they are actually in groveland FL ..I’d buy it and sell it only I have too much on my plate but you can buy it wholesale also at

  14. Daniel Wilson on

    My Daniel Wilson from Texas United State, My wife’s lung cancer was cured after 90days treatment by Robinson buckler. i am sharing this testimony to help others in need. if you are a cancer patient please contact robinson.buckler @ yahoo . com He is based United State

  15. bill on

    I just got my cancer diagnosis and am faced with chemo and radiation only.
    I mention CBD and am given a blank stare, feeling very helpless as CBD is a last resort option only. Why can it not be a first option if I so choose?
    Plus I need a docs note, how to go about getting that?
    Lastly the only CBD to be found is hemp only, sorry to say that will not be of any help to cancer.

    Felling Frustrated in Florida.

  16. Rick on

    Most communist rub docs here in Fla make you go to a pain management clinic which are jokes. I suffer from 2 broken shoulders that were never fixed right, 6 compressed disks, broken right orbit, HBP, Type II diabetes, sever neuropathy, IBS and a couple other things. Yet these moronic docs keep wanting me to choke down opioids insted of THC which could help. WTH is wrong in this country for us natural born AMERICANS? I think its starts with the RUG and his butt sucking chronies in DC.

  17. Melissa on

    I have a severe nerve pain condition called Trigeminal Neuragia. I also have anxiety and lupus which causes intense joint pains. I have read about people with the same conditions being treated successfully with cbd oil. I take anti-siezure medications with life alturing side effects. I must also take pain medications and a plethura of other prescriptions. I never liked feeling high and when I first heard of the usage of pot to treat medical issues I turned away from the idea. I saw it as something I could never take. I was certain that it would cause panic attacks. I have since learned more about the progress with the cbd oil and the ability to remove nearly all of the thc. I feel neglected as an American who suffers daily between my illness’, the side effects from my meds and a depleted bank account. I can’t logically understand why someone like me would not have the option to try a very safe drug, yet I have been prescrided numerous very dangerous drugs produced by the big pharmeceutical compnies. Most of these meducations that I tried caused severe side effects that I couldn’t handle. I am only one person, I cant help but to think of the collective pain amonst the people who might get relief. Logic says we should have this option available. Politics need to get out of the way of our health!

    • Danielle on

      Hi my name is Danielle my daughter has a lot of neurological issues.. We think her newest issue might be Trigeminal Neuragia.. I tried to comment a few min ago but the computer froze up so I am just going to write a little to see if I can get it through this time.. She has RSD/Crps she was diagnosed at 13 and since then so many different medical issues she is now 23.. I am a by the book kind of mother/caregiver but as a last resort I left her try some oil and she was pain free for at least and hr. and then again another day and she was pain free for over 2 hrs.. she was so excited and now I am hopeful.. Cause just standing by and watching her in so much and not be able to do anything is awful.. The medical cards are so expensive .. She gets ssd but it’s not that much.. I am going to stop for now to see if this will go through and if anyone else wants to comment please feel free.. Thank you

  18. Shannon on

    I as a Grandmother of a grandson with autism it is a shame. It has been shown to to help with non verbal children. Also there ability to interact with others. It is a shame down right shame. We the people of Florida voted for legalization and then they put stipulation on it. Hope it is bye bye to governor scott.

  19. Shana on

    I’m a bit confused. There are CBD oil sites that say you can just place an order for pure CBD oil and it is shipped right to you. No script or legality issues. Are these legit?

    • SaganRand on

      Well, evidently a lot has changed since the last post/question on this site. Unless things work differently in Jacksonville vs. the rest of Florida, the requirements to obtain the required ‘card’ to purchase cannabis-based medicines have relaxed a bit (both THC and CBD, and ‘blends’ of the 2). Products are available via inhalation through ‘vaping’, the THC and/or CBD is extracted from the plants and sold in sealed ‘vials’ that are the patient loads-for-use into inexpensive vape devices (pens and a very small vape ‘tank’). The medicine can also be taken ‘orally’ via capsules. I was approved due to a variety of injuries/pain for which I was suffering for several years and was only prescribed opioid-based poisons. I suffer from: multiple ruptured disks in the lumbar and neck. A stenosis off one of the cervical vertebra that digs into a nerve. Nerve damage in both hips, knees, elbows and other joints. Pre diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety/depression. All of which I had prior treatment records for; and also for which I had been prescribed medicines. I am down to only my thyroid and bp meds, and a last small bit of the opioids (through TCH/CBD I have eliminated about 80% of the ‘time-release’ pain meds and eliminated about 70% of the ‘break-through’ pain meds). This is after about 6 weeks of obtaining cannabis meds at the dispensary in Jacksonville. I anticipate another maybe 2-weeks to finally be completely off the nasty big-pharma garbage and be all ‘green’.

  20. Francy on

    I have multiple degenerating discs in my neck and back. I also have MS and fibromyalgia, parathyroid disease, neuropathy, headaches, nerve pain throughout my body, arthritis, GERD, angina, irregular heartbeats, COPD, tremors among other ailments. I’ve been on several medications for them all including Fentanyl and hydrocodone for the pain for over 20 years. My body is kind of used to them and they are not working well. I would welcome the help of CBD wholeheartedly. I’m on Social Security/Medicare and have to skip some of my meds each month to be able to afford the others. So I’m going to give the CBD a try. Anyone have any idea, since it is legal in FL when and if it will be added to the prescription lists on Part D of Medicare?? This website seems to be one of the best that I have read about. Any other suggestions? Help

  21. Garry R. on

    How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  22. Mozejest on

    Urgent please advise as to where I contact physician that can prescribe medical cannabis oil.

    Have a close friend that is undergoing cancer treatment for lung cancer. Nothing is working
    from chemo and radiation treatment.

    His health in the meantime is deteriorating and getting worse and not better.

    Please help and advise anyway you can in this matter?

    Thank you

  23. Gary on

    Does CBD Oil have any effects on Leukemia CMML ? Please advise. Recently diagnosed with CMML. VA is treating with “chemo lite”. Two shots a day for five consecutive days in the stomach every day for rest of my life. Can CBD Oil provide a better treatment/outlook ? Gary

  24. Ed Rice on

    So basically, for those of us with sever anxiety have to take a narcotic vs. something from nature?

    Totally backward..

  25. Jennie M. on

    How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  26. CBD Edible Candy Store on

    In 2018 many customer asked us why do we put CBD into CBD gummy, CBD lollipops, CBD candy since it has so much sugars kinda defeats the purpose for sleep for instance.

    So in 2019 we have adopted CBD flower into our inventory allowing for those whom DO NOT want all the sugars or coconut oil in their diets to consume CBD flower which is the most purest and organic form to use CBD.

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