Maryland approves a dozen more medical marijuana dispensaries

Maryland regulators have given final approval to another 12 dispensaries to begin selling medical marijuana, bringing the number of formally approved retail outlets to 22.

But finding enough cannabis to supply those retailers remains a challenge.

Regulators told the Baltimore Sun the supply issue likely won’t be ironed out until at least March.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • After a more than four-year wait, Maryland’s first dispensaries started selling marijuana a few weeks ago and quickly ran out product.
  • The Sun reported that ForwardGro, the first cultivator to start growing, has sent flower to processors to be made into infused products.
  • Maryland has granted preliminary approval to 102 dispensaries, and given them a December deadline to begin operations or lose their license. So far none has lost its license.

The newly approved dispensaries:

  • Charm City Medicus (Dundalk)
  • Freestate Partners (Howard County)
  • Freestate Wellness (Jessup)
  • Harvest of Maryland (Rockville)
  • Maryland Compassionate Care and Wellness (Montgomery County)
  • Maryleaf (Germantown)
  • MCNA Wellness (Prince George’s County)
  • Medical Products and Services (Baltimore City)
  • Nature’s Care & Wellness (Perryville)
  • Positive Energy (Ocean City)
  • Pure Life Medical (Baltimore City
  • Temescal Wellness (Pikesville)

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One comment on “Maryland approves a dozen more medical marijuana dispensaries
  1. Jennifer L Russell on

    Just a question for people I know that it would help???? Can Pennsylvania people go to these places with Doctors notes, or how does it work? And is Pennsylvania State legalize marijuana for people that needs for their health Chester county pa???
    These are questions about this that people I talked to wondered to afraid to ask Questions, so I said I would do it for them.
    Thank you so much.

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