Maryland probing politically connected cannabis grower that allegedly used pesticides

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Maryland regulators are investigating allegations that a cultivator with political ties to the governor illegally used pesticides in growing its medical marijuana.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the investigation of ForwardGro, which is based in Anne Arundel County, was prompted by sworn allegations made by three former employees to the state’s General Assembly.

ForwardGro denied the allegations.

The company is co-owned by Gary Mangum, who served on Gov. Larry Hogan’s transition team, according to the newspaper.

Ashley Cohen, co-owner of the Ash+Ember dispensary, reported that some of her customers reported side effects such as burning throats, so she quit selling ForwardGro products after hearing about the allegations.

Maryland’s medical marijuana industry launched in late 2017 amid a supply crunch.

The MMJ industry has been ramping up in the state, and the Marijuana Business Factbook 2018 projects sales will be $55 million to $75 million this year.