Maryland underlines deadline when medical cannabis dispensaries must open

Maryland regulators cautioned medical marijuana businesses they must open their dispensaries by Sept. 30 or see their approvals rescinded.

The warning, issued in a state bulletin, pertains mainly to 26 businesses that remain in preapproval stage, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Roughly 76 licensed MMJ dispensaries have already opened their doors, the newspaper reported.

A total of 102 dispensaries were supposed to start doing business by December 2017, when sales launched in Maryland.

The state’s program has proved robust despite some MMJ businesses running into launch challenges.

For additional details on the dispensary rollout in Maryland, click here.

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5 comments on “Maryland underlines deadline when medical cannabis dispensaries must open
  1. James Stout on

    I live in the state of Ohio. One year ago I got glasses for the first time in my life. While I had the doctors check me out from University Hospitals, they gave me glasses and told me that I had glaucoma. It is my understanding that marijuana will help in the treatment of glaucoma. I am currently trying to find a doctor to set me up to get me a medical card which would permit me to go to dispensaries and purchase their products.

    • Gregory on

      First, register with in Maryland. Get a copy of your medical records from your doctor or specialist. Go online to cannadocs to find a local cannabis doctor. Here are some resources to get you started: & These are apps that can be downloaded from IOS or Android.

    • Shane Thomas Reinfelder on

      I’m not sure if it’s reciprocal or not I’m a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan and I know that many caregivers in Michigan have done mail orders to other states and have never had any issues.

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