MA cannabis business applicant rejected for lack of diversity, inclusion plans

Massachusetts regulators denied Pittsfield-based Mass Yield Cultivation a marijuana license for not sufficiently showing in its application a commitment to diversity and inclusion plans.

The news underlines why marijuana firms in the state must carefully outline their diversity plans as they apply for a permit.

This appears to mark the first time the state’s Cannabis Control Commission voted down a license for that reason, the Boston Business Journal reported.

The company was looking to build a 5,000-10,000-square-foot indoor cultivation operation.

Among the state stature requirements, applicants must demonstrate how their businesses would have a positive impact on one or more groups of people who have been disproportionately affected by cannabis prohibition.

License applicants also must show plans to include diversity with clearly defined objectives and ways to measure the achievement of those goals.

Commissioners said Mass Yield Cultivation needed to overhaul its application to better identify how it would address those and other diversity issues.

The commission will notify the business of the permit denial and then the firm can reapply.

For more on the marijuana license rejection, click here.

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3 comments on “MA cannabis business applicant rejected for lack of diversity, inclusion plans
  1. BC on

    What a bunch of statist overreach BS. Nothing of the sort should matter whatsoever to the state. Job creation and tax revenue should be the only goal. After that keep your stupid govt hands off business. This is why ppl become libertarians.

    • MJS on

      BC, having a plan to include locals and diversity hiring was part of the law. Oh it shouldn’t matter that a new industry encourages local participation? I bet your trump supporting behind would surely like policies like these that focus on local job creation rather eliminating jobs in local communities. Your assumption that these particulars shouldn’t matter highlights how much you don’t know any of the cannabis laws and frankly how disconnected you are from how valuable these laws are for local industry. Before you get all bat s**t why don’t you read the laws on what people overwhelming voted for.

  2. DJF on

    Good for the CCC! Now, get to work on including the small business players and deny renewals for not adhering to the equity and inclusion plans that many big players had in place when they got their licenses.

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