Massachusetts gives final OK to first two recreational cannabis shops

Massachusetts regulators issued final licenses to two recreational marijuana shop operators, a move that puts the state closer to a much-delayed program launch.

The Cannabis Control Commission on Thursday voted to issue the licenses to:

  • Cultivate Holdings in Leicester.
  • New England Treatment Access in Northampton.

Both companies operate medical marijuana dispensaries in those municipalities and had earlier been granted provisional licenses by the commission to sell recreational marijuana.

It will likely be a few more weeks before either shop can open, as there are several procedural steps that must still occur before regulators give permission to begin operations.

Massachusetts voters legalized recreational marijuana for adults in November 2016, but nearly two years later, there is still no place in the state to legally purchase the products. The program was targeted to launch July 1.

Marijuana Business Factbook 2018 projected that rec MJ sales could reach $150 million-$250 million this year, although the figures likely will be lower because of the late start.

In late August, regulators approved two labs to test recreational marijuana, another critical step to launching the program.

– Associated Press

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6 comments on “Massachusetts gives final OK to first two recreational cannabis shops
  1. DJF on

    So, 2019 then? hahahaaa. I also love how Ms. Title abstained from voting because the HCA’s were suspect. We have leadership, and then we have the rest of these folks taking their sweet old time and turning a blind eye. Meanwhile, no social equity, no small business representation, no expungement discussions, and farmers are being shut out. Good times.

    • Joe G on

      Massachusetts National Day of Expungement hosted by the MRCC on October 27th in Boston, open to the public featuring DA candidates Mike Maloney and Rachael Rollins. Free event check them out at @maconsumers on fb & ig.

  2. Brian on

    Wow! Two years of “meetings” and a 200 k salary for less than part time work and the cyphers of the CCC have issued 2 whole licences. Bravo for wildly underperforming folks.

    • Penny Young on

      CCC is holding companies hostage, costing them a lot of money with unnecessary hold-ups. They have a right to do business. Final, final really last inspections are in the works
      No one knows when the CCC Gods will give their blessing. They should be fired.

  3. Jimbob on

    Meanwhile in Canada…
    This “commission” needs to be fired and replaced by people whom understand how to get things done and work to do so. This is an embarrassment on the Commonwealth.

  4. Pete on

    The ccc claims to be understaffed yet they will take over medical in January as well as recreational. Hmmm…… something does not add up when they were talking about re-testing medical product that was already tested for use previously.
    Get some real staff that isn’t just trained to STALL !!!

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