MA picks Franwell’s Metrc for cannabis seed-to-sale traceability system

Massachusetts marijuana regulators have selected Florida-based Franwell’s Metrc program to serve as the state’s seed-to-sale traceability system.

According to The Boston Globe, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission budgeted about $750,000 for the system, which is intended to help states prevent diversion of cannabis to the black market.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Using Metrc’s system adds a cost to the license holder because each plant requires an RFID tag that costs about 80 cents per plant.
  • Metrc has several state traceability contracts, including in California, Nevada, Colorado, Alaska, Ohio and Michigan.
  • The commission also decided to move forward with a contract with Salem, Massachusetts-based JD Software, which offers a program to process applications for adult-use cannabis licenses.
  • The health department already uses JD Software’s system to manage medical marijuana licenses.
  • The commission’s executive director told the Globe the companies were chosen for their ability to set up the systems quickly and flexibility in adjusting the software as the state’s recreational regulations are finalized.

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One comment on “MA picks Franwell’s Metrc for cannabis seed-to-sale traceability system
  1. Jeremy Moberg on

    Growers just got screwed big time. I will live with a dysfunctional leaf system any day before I pay metric their extortion rfid money. Sorry MA.


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