Massachusetts regulators close medical marijuana dispensary for violations

, Massachusetts regulators close medical marijuana dispensary for violations

A Massachusetts medical cannabis dispensary is closed until it corrects a dozen violations found by state regulators during surprise inspections Jan. 31 and Feb. 1.

Mass Wellspring, in the town of Acton about 25 miles west of Boston, did not return calls from Marijuana Business Daily seeking comment.

It was not clear how the dispensary intended to address the violations, which related to storage, security and recordkeeping.

The Cannabis Control Commission ordered Mass Wellspring on Feb. 7 to “cease and desist from cultivating, processing and dispensing” medical marijuana “until the Commission rescinds or amends the order or … takes final action on any related pending complaint and issues a final decision.”

The violations included:
  • Storing marijuana products outside of approved safe and vault areas.
  • Storing secondary vaults in unapproved lab rooms, cure rooms and patient consultation rooms.
  • Inadequate security-camera coverage in the vault room and outside the facility.
  • Inadequate alarm coverage.
  • Obtaining wholesale cannabis that lacked labeling and test results.
  • Disposing of cannabis without proper records.
  • Failing to maintain a visitor log.

It’s unclear how many medical marijuana patients Wellspring served.

The business has applied for a recreational cannabis license, according to state records.

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4 comments on “Massachusetts regulators close medical marijuana dispensary for violations
  1. Doug Andrews on

    “until the Commission rescinds or amends the order or … takes final action on any related pending complaint and issues a final decision.”
    Translation-We the almighty, with no one to answer to but ourselves CCC will keep you closed until you go belly up financially over essentialy petty infractions. We don’t care how many of your workers are layed off or if you ever open again. Don’t believe us? Ask MMM.
    Something has to be done about these tyrants and their on the fly regulations and unlimited ability to keep a legitimate tax paying business closed for indefinite amounts of time.
    Good luck Mass Wellspring!

    • Dee on

      Obtaining cannabis without testing results is not a minor infraction in a MEDICAL dispensary. That means the product cannot be trusted to be clean, extremely important for medical cannabis patients. If true, I agree with the Board on at least that infraction.

      Your post only refers to the infractions as petty —- not worthy of your attention, while it is the smaller group impacted by the closing is the dispensary workers that you care about. Really??? The workers are but a fraction of the patients being served, yet you have no consideration of them. I wish the dispensary good fortune and a speedy rectification of these charges, but not at the expense of what is legal, right and medically sound for the population they serve. .

  2. Barbara on

    Not keeping logs of the patients? Seriously? That’s huge and all the things the guy before me said . I am a patient , I don’t find this petty at all , they need to do things a certain way , follow rules . Keep up the good work keeping me safe ???

  3. Gary on

    So annoying and completely inaccurate and illegal proceedings when it comes to the eligibility and labeling of an individual as a “patient.” This is bull but so typical in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Money before people. Causes before people. People before individuals. The list goes on. The cannibis world does not serve and protect patients, nor are they trained to do so. A cannibis patient with no follow up medical care and guidance is just a recreational user with being able to skip to head of line. Big deal. Skipping to front of line in know way makes you a medical patient. A medical patient without a practitioner diagnosing, prescribing, patient notes, and the understanding of degenerative and poor prognosis is not being protected, but potentially harmed. As circumstances in health change often with the chronically ill and the trial and error is criminal without proper guidance. Massachusetts is profiteering as usual.

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