Maryland to study legalizing adult-use marijuana in 2020, signaling no action this year

Maryland lawmakers have formed a bipartisan group to study the possibility of legalizing recreational cannabis in 2020 via legislation or referendum.

The working group’s formation indicates that legalization legislation introduced earlier this month isn’t likely to pass this year, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Bills to legalize adult-use marijuana recently were introduced in the Maryland Senate and House, with hearings scheduled for Feb. 26 and March 6, respectively, according to legislative calendars.

House Speaker Michael Busch, a Democrat from Annapolis, was quoted as saying he wanted legislators to “understand all of the complexities of legalization” before moving forward.

The working group will examine the following, among other issues:

  • The best way to license and tax the industry.
  • How to ensure market participation by small businesses, women-owned enterprises and minority-owned companies.

Maryland is a little more than a year into a medical marijuana industry that generated nearly $100 million in sales in its first 12 months.

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7 comments on “Maryland to study legalizing adult-use marijuana in 2020, signaling no action this year
  1. John Jameson on

    Legislators want to understand how to protect their lobbyists and best exploit legalization is more like it. This is all about who gets rich.

    • Jeff L on

      Yeah good point. The little guy has no chance of getting rich from marijuana .
      Atleast let people smoke it in an adult like manner.
      Stay home and relax and watch movies and get the munchies and laugh alot.
      Put people in a good mood without hangovers.
      What`s wrong with that?

    • Mark Henson on

      That’s the only reason why legislators want to make it legal completely opposite of why the People Want it legal

  2. jeff l on

    Reponsible people should be able to buy marijuana like they buy beer and wine.
    It should be decriminalized.
    Take a group of people smoking pot and then take a group of people drinking.
    I can promise you,you`ll have issues with the people drinking long before the people smoking pot.
    Plus it`s not going anywhere anytime soon .
    Let the state make its billions in taxes and make people happier.
    It`s a fact that when people smoke pot they drink less or not at all.
    No hangovers also.

  3. Starr on

    Why isn’t Maryland getting with the program? Baltimore is crime ridden,with alot of abandoned buildings and junkies in certain areas.The Mary Jane revenue can help clean all of that up.Get a full makeover like DC(not just Downtown)..Is it a ploy to keep people on opioids?have excuses to keep crime up?make no change at all to the city?what’s the point of decriminalization,if you can’t buy it legally?#LegalizethetreezMD

  4. Jon Adam McCarty on

    The first thing you need to understand is that your government is NOT really a government. It is an Organized Crime Syndicate and a Terrorist Organization persecuting the very people it is supposed to serve and the very people who pay for the government in the first place. WE THE PEOPLE are literally paying the wages of those whom are levying a war against WE THE PEOPLE and the only evidence you need is the so called “War on Drugs”. The government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. So when we see a situation like marijuana legalization and a majority of the people want it legalized, we have to wonder what is wrong with a government that still has marijuana illegal. The truth is there is no Constitutional Authority for the Federal government to regulate WE THE PEOPLE and that includes what drugs you use to induce a desired intoxication within your person. Without any Constitutional Authority ordained by the people there is no jurisdiction of any subject other than those ordained by the people. Without jurisdiction there is only fraud and treason. The government and its prohibitions are all fictional and the Uniform CDS Act that regulates drugs in the States is a fraud. Under the substantive due process doctrine of the 5th and 14th Amendments the CDS statutes are inoperable on the public and are in fact the law of government employees, not WE THE PEOPLE. We hold government employees to a higher standard and it makes sense for them not to be under the influence of a drug while they are carrying out their duties entrusted to them by the people. The only reason any Drug Prohibition could really be deemed legitimate is if it falls under the principles of police power, meaning there is a genuine concern for a health crisis or behavioral concerns that could endanger the public. Clearly, Marijuana does not fall into this category, nor does it fit the statute involving the CDS Act. We have never heard of a person overdosing on Marijuana, nor have we ever heard of Marijuana instilling violent behavior against anything other than a bag of Doritos. The Marijuana myth is over, but your treasonous government means to control you anyway they possibly can. Ask yourself this question. If the drugs the government currently allows, like cigarettes and alcohol, cause actual health risks and behavioral issues, why is it that Marijuana that causes neither is prohibited by the government? The answer is COMMERCE and the lack of a way to regulate Marijuana use to establish a firm flow of cash from the greed of corporations and the government is what is really holding it up. They may legalize it, but they will figure out a stupid reason to NOT allow you to produce it yourself because they want your money. Period. End of discussion.

  5. GM on

    Oh yes. Maryland, The Free State. We need to study this for at least 10 more years to make absolutely sure we screw this up as best as possible.

    Time to vote incumbets out now. Don’t mess with these people. They’re stalling.

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