Measure to Sink Ohio Cannabis Legalization Effort Passes House

Correction: The initial version of this story incorrectly reported that the measure to prevent monopolies will appear on the November ballot, when in fact the initiative must still get approval from the Senate.

A measure that could derail a group’s attempt to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in Ohio sailed through the state House and now moves to the Senate.

The measure, which passed the Ohio House 81-12, would make it more difficult to pass constitutional amendments that effectively create monopolies, the Toledo Blade reported.

The proposal must clear the Legislature with a three-fifths majority before Aug. 5 to appear on the November ballot, according to the Associated Press.

If the measure gets onto the ballot and voters support it, the hastily written and discussed proposal may override ResponsibleOhio’s legalization amendment – which would license only 10 growers, a move lawmakers say doesn’t allow for enough competition.

ResponsibleOhio is expected to file paperwork on July 1 to also get its measure on the November ballot.

If both measures are put before voters, Ohioans could see electoral fireworks that are usually reserved for presidential campaign years.

Some political pundits have said the lawmakers’ bill would overrule the legalization measure if both initiatives pass. Others said that may not be the case, and that the issue would end up in court.

Legislators who introduced the anti-monopoly bill have said they don’t want the state’s medical marijuana program to look like its casino industry, where only a small number of wealthy groups control the entire market.

ResponsibleOhio leaders, who’ve raised more than $36 million, said the proposal is political, and nothing more than a “temper tantrum” by lawmakers who are hoping to make a name for themselves ahead of future elections. While the legalization bill would severely limit the number of cultivators, it would allow more than 1,100 dispensaries.

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10 comments on “Measure to Sink Ohio Cannabis Legalization Effort Passes House
  1. Brad on

    Oh Boo-hoo-hoo. The rich boys and girls want their monopoly disguised as legalization and they want to hold the public’s right to decriminalized cannabis hostage. Fine, there’s alwasy 2016. If you want legalization then decriminalize cannabis, let individuals grow their own and let the market determine how many licenses to issue for production and dispensaries for those unable to grow their own. No monopolies for corporate weed.

  2. Mike on

    This is totally screwed up! First off, the 10 grower monopoly is absolutely crazy. Then Ohios attempt to block the legalization and call it anything but that is just as crazy! I am neither a grower nor seller so I don’t think that the monopoly will affect me all that much. It is terrible though to limit the grow so extensively, and in this manner. Limiting it to a reasonable number of qualified growers, and ones competing for such rights to grow with both quality and price, is totally logical to me. I’m so wishing those other movements that were trying to get on the ballot this year hadn’t giving up. There bills made much more sense in the spirit of a free market, to me anyway, but I’m just one guy. Unfortunately ResponsibleOhio’s bill seems like the best worst option! I so want to vote yes on both bills, but I’m almost certain one would just cancel the other, so…. I guess I’m just glad there still is a little time before the elections and maybe by some miracle a solution to this all will come about?

    I’d love to hear others take on this situation!


  3. leeann on

    I’m a grower in Michigan and we have the same “responsible ass**” wanting to monopolize here and we the growers and dispensaries are going to fight it.

  4. Jerome Dewald on

    This story is not correct, please read carefully the Toledo Blade article on which the story is based. At the time of publication, the measure passed the house and not the senate. As I understand, it has until 30 June to be passed by both houses and signed into law. The story is dated June 25.

  5. ricketyrack on

    Mike, here’s my take on the situation. First of all, all the bill does is stop Cartel-making via State constitutional amendment, which is a good thing, no? So if the Repubs “just wanted to stop weed”, then they couldn’t have picked a better way to do it, as it kills ResponsibleOhio’s well-heeled scheme to be Ohio’s legal weed cartel. As for the competing Plans “giving up”, they didn’t just give up, they couldn’t meet the timelines for signature submission and most of them have set their sights on 2016 instead of this November, is all. The most libertarian proposal I’ve seen is, ironically (because of the name similarity) Responsible Ohioans For Cannabis (Group) amendment, titled The End Ohio Prohibition Act.

  6. mark mac on

    I would think the healthy compromise would be 10 for 3 years then up it to 20 with the first 10 not being able to get the next ten. Creating a wild west helps no one.

    I am guessing the state wants to make sure the initial growers are well run, well financed and stable vs create a free for all of growers from the two plant weekend warrior to the 100,000 square foot factory operations. Let the ten get a little pregnant, work out the kinks, then open it up…

  7. Mike on

    Mark & Rickety,

    Rickety, unfortunately the others did just give up! True, they most likely wouldn’t have got the signatures needed. However they both did give up before the deadline, unfortunately. This whole cartel thing is horrible, just plain wrong! Mark, your idea about starting with 10 is a great idea. Very logical, but isn’t at all the way the bill is written, and or there intention. Which is a dam shame! It’s horrible for the industry, small businesses, the state, everything but the 10 millionaire groups about to get a lot richer! The elite, the ones who don’t NEED anything this industry could possible provide, are the ONLY ones who will benefit substantially from it. It just not the way things are supposed to work in the good ole U.S.A.. To make matters even worse limiting individuals to 4 plants is the final nail in he coffin! You may be able to get by with four plants. If your able to grow four big a** bushes that is! Which your average user isn’t capable of doing. I’d guess an overwhelming majority don’t have the means and or the know how to accomplish growing 4 plants and producing enough medicine to get by with. By no means am I saying we need to be able to have 15, 20, 25 plants! I feel it should be in the 6-10 range. Ten maybe a bit much, be id assume a lot a people might just grow one crop a year. Ten large outdoor plants should be able to get most people through the year. I know growing isn’t for everyone, but the restrictions only create problems. The bill kinda makes it so it isn’t feasible to grow your own, be cheaper to buy than grow. Which I’m sure is what the groups intentions were. People will surely just end up growing more than legally allowed, which will not be good for them or the whole movement. This whole issue just makes me litteraly feel sick thinking about it! I so wish I wasn’t crippled and restricted to my house, for the most part. I need LEGAL medicine, so I can ditch these worthless pain pills that to way more harm than good in the long run. I wish I could have been out pounding the pavement for one of the other bills! I just don’t know what to do. I certainly don’t like the idea of the cartel, but I don’t like the idea of voting it down and hoping there is a better bill on a ballot in years to come! Aaahhhh….. This is just a horrible situation for all involved, except the handful of people in the cartel! What a Nightmare

  8. ricketyrack on

    ” I need LEGAL medicine, so I can ditch these worthless pain pills that to way more harm than good in the long run.” Mike, kratom. I have serious chronic pain and can tell you with great confidence that you owe it to yourself to try kratom from a reliable vendor, of which there are many (I’m not sure what the policies are here about me naming any). DO NOT use “headshop” kratom! Kratom is perfect, absolutely perfect, for getting off “pain pills”. The side effects are little to none. I beg you for your own sake to do your own research. I did the research. And, if you don’t mind my “appeal to authority”, I have an exceptionally high IQ, medical training, and ability to understand research and evaluate ostensible conclusions. There is also almost certainly analgesic synergy with cannabinoids, so we Ohioans who are in pain can look forward to that benefit when we win this fight! Please consider a donation to Botanical Legal Defense, with which I have no affiliation other than being a small donor.

  9. Mike on

    Rickety, someone previously recommended Kratom to me on this site, possibly you? I did order and try it. Unfortunatly, I just wasn’t able to swallow enough to do any good! I not saying it didn’t or doesn’t work, just that the amount of powdered leaf you need to ingest was just too much for me! I Probably should have tried capsules instead of the powder, the caps were nearly 10x as expensive though! How and or what would you suggest I try now?

  10. ricketyrack on

    Mike, It might have been me. It’s good to hear you followed through. I think it’s very unlikely that decent quality powdered kratom leaf wouldn’t provide pain relief, but I guess it’s remotely possible that someone could have an idiosyncratic “immunity” to the effect. But, it’s far more likely that either the stuff you had was bunk, or like you said, you just didn’t take enough. Since I don’t know how much you took, here’s a guideline: I weighed a level tablespoon of powdered leaf and it was 7 grams even. That’s a HUGE dose, if you have quality product. I have never taken even close to that all at once. I have not taken that much even over the course of a day. My max per day is around 4 grams, spread through the day and evening. I would not feel physically comfortable if I took 7 grams all at once, I’d be woozy and I hate that feeling. Here’s how I take it: Empty Gelatin Capsules 0 Size; you can get 1000 caps for less than $10 on Amazon (with free shipping if you have Prime). I use these and just fill up a bunch of capsules at a time. If you have decent dexterity it’s a cinch to do. Here’s the trick: just use one of those hard plastic chopsticks (I use end of one, about 1/3 of the whole stick, it’s a little easier to handle). You just use that to push the stuff into the capsule. lay the big half of the capsule down by a pile of powder, and hold it with one hand and just push the stuff in with the chopstick in the other. Each cap holds 1/2 gram. I only need a couple caps per dose. So, if I spread 8 caps through the day, I will have 4 doses of a gram each. I have significant pain from DDD and this totally does the trick for me. I would seriously suspect the quality of your kratom if things don’t basically line up with this scenario for you. Even if you had to double the dosage we are still talking about a little more than a tablespoon, or a little more than 16 caps through the day and evening. Hope this helps. The only vendors I have ever used I have had perfect luck with: Coastal Kratom and KratomOne, I can’t say anything about any others. Remember, cannabinoids have synergy to opiate receptor agonists so let’s keep up the fight and get the best herbal therapeutics on earth.

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