Medical cannabis legalization headed to Missouri’s voters

An effort in Missouri to pass narrow medical marijuana legislation to pre-empt ballot initiatives died this week, shortly before the end of the session.

The lack of agreement by lawmakers paves the way for voters to decide in November among what could be multiple ballot initiatives, the Kansas City Star reported.

An MMJ bill introduced by Rep. Jim Neely, a Republican, passed the state House last month, but a Senate hearing on the bill was canceled.

Neely then tried to add an MMJ amendment to a Senate health-care bill, but that died this week in committee, according to the newspaper. The amendment would have allowed terminally ill patients to access nonsmokable medical marijuana.

Several other state legislatures have either pre-empted ballot measures or tried to, including California, Florida, Ohio and Oklahoma. Legislation in Oklahoma recently died, clearing the way for a June 26 vote on an MMJ ballot initiative.

Four MMJ ballot initiatives in Missouri beat the deadline this month for submitting their signatures, according to the Missouri secretary of state’s website.

But signatures still need to be verified, and the secretary of state has until Aug. 14 to make the final determination on whether the initiatives will make the November ballot.

A leading candidate is the Missouri Medical Marijuana and Veteran Healthcare Services Initiative, led by New Approach Missouri. The campaign submitted more than double the signatures needed to qualify for the state ballot.

Various polls have shown that at least 60% of Missouri residents support medical marijuana, but some worry voters will be confused if multiple initiatives wind up on the ballot in November.

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6 comments on “Medical cannabis legalization headed to Missouri’s voters
  1. Tamara Horvath, GROWOPS on

    I would like to professionally thank Karin Chester of the Missouri Cannabis Industry for her hard work & dedication on the initiative.
    Thank You!

  2. ian humphry on

    cmon people, lets get this done, there are too many sick people that can benefit from legalizing medical MJ, my wife is one of them, the only reason we dont use it is because it isnt legal and the illegal stuff could have pesticides and all kinds of contaminates. lets get it legal, tested, controlled and regulated, a good clean, regulated industry is needed nationwide, the science behind it these days is amazing. THIS AINT YOUR GRANDFATHERS WEED

  3. Steve on

    I have multiple schlerosis and other health issues which.cause me alot of pain. Opiates scare me, and frankly oxycontin for me makese nauteous and does not work as well as a few puffs of Missouri ditch weed.

  4. Kathleen on

    I have Cauda Equina. Severe pain in back and legs and it’s pain level 8-9 chronic. Legalize it and start dyspensaries so we can have some relief! Governor Greitens took 1 away. That will definitely not help drug abuse. It only hurts those who need it. Wake up Mo.!!!

    • Kathleen Rott on

      I’m not sure why states around us are legal an Missouri is not! I was told it is now legal . What’s going on here? Chronic pain even with pain meds doesn’t releive pain. Legalalization is crucial for chronic pain patients.

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