MI House panel OKs bill to close unlicensed medical marijuana dispensaries

Some Michigan lawmakers want to close unlicensed medical cannabis dispensaries once and for all and are pushing legislation for those businesses to get permitted or shut their doors by June 1.

The fast-track bill to establish the deadline was approved 5-0 by a House panel Wednesday, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Other deadlines for roughly 50 unlicensed dispensaries to close have come and gone, and the situation now is tangled in the courts.

For more details about the latest twist, click here.

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2 comments on “MI House panel OKs bill to close unlicensed medical marijuana dispensaries
  1. Ronald Haas Jr on

    You close the Provision Centers I will have to go back on Opiate’s. Cannabis has saved my life and many friends of mine who are disabled myself. Also liscence The Green Genie they are the most professional and knowledgeable and they truly are Michigan’s number one Provision which was voted by Leafly a world wide voting company on a dispensary and all products lab tested. Again this place got me off Opiate’s and that’s why they have over 7 thousand patients. So again they have abided by all rules so why are they not open. Why the State did not follow the Medical Structure Program for the recreational aspect. The dispensary s that are licensed will and when the shutdown last time they gouged us patients and last month all month The Green Genie slashed their prices all last month of March 2019 where as a dispensary called Far West has doubled their prices??? So where is the compassion us card holders paid for this need and now we don’t know when this Manusha of red tape by the State.

  2. Debbie on

    any business has to have a license.I understand that. but to close one that has one why? canibis helps so many people. how much money are you getting from the drug companies?

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