Michigan bans marijuana-infused alcoholic drinks

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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, as expected, signed legislation to immediately prohibit cannabis-infused alcoholic drinks in the state.

The law enacted Tuesday bars the use, possession or sale of marijuana-infused beer, wine, liquor and mixed drinks.

The Republican governor’s signature follows overwhelming legislative support of the bill.

Supporters said the measure was a pre-emptive move in case Michigan voters legalize marijuana for recreational use next month. They asserted cannabis-infused alcohol could exacerbate intoxicated driving.

Opponents claimed the legislation was a solution to a nonexistent problem because there is no commercial market for marijuana-infused beverages.

They said even if the ballot initiatives passes to legalize adult-use MJ, liquor establishments could not sell marijuana beverages because of a federal cannabis ban.

The new law does not apply to hospitals, universities, colleges and pharmaceutical companies doing research.

– Associated Press