Michigan dispensary swaps cannabis vape cartridges for e-cigs

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In the wake of a new ban on flavored e-cigarettes, a Michigan medical marijuana dispensary hopes to lure new customers by offering free THC or CBD vaporizer cartridges to those who want to unload their prohibited e-cigarettes.

The dispensary, Greenhouse, plans to give away up to $50,000 of medical marijuana products to customers who bring in “an empty Juul pen, an empty box, an empty liquid vape, it doesn’t matter what it is,” the Hometown Life newspaper chain reported.

The dispensary, in the Detroit suburb of Walled Lake, will run the promotion Sept. 11-15.

Greenhouse is sharing the cost of the promotion with Platinum Vape, a California-based company with a presence in Michigan.

Only card-carrying medical marijuana patients will be allowed to exchange e-cigarettes for products containing THC, however.

Consumers without a medical card will be able to exchange their e-cigarettes for CBD vape cartridges.

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