Michigan regulators tighten access to caregiver medical marijuana

Michigan medical cannabis, Michigan regulators tighten access to caregiver medical marijuana

Michigan medical cannabis dispensaries will no longer have the option to buy products directly from caregivers.

It’s a move that should please permitted growers, some of which have alleged that untested caregiver medical marijuana supplies are dangerous and cutting into licensed sales.

The new Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued what it characterized as “new practices” in a news release on Thursday. The provisions reflect the new agency’s initial move toward establishing a more regulated market.

Here are some of the provisions that could affect licensed MMJ businesses:

  • Licensed dispensaries can now buy marijuana products only from a licensed grower or processor, and the stores must immediately enter the inventory into the state’s seed-to-sale monitoring system.
  • Licensed growers and processors can buy marijuana products from caregivers, but the products must be tested and tagged for monitoring.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency, established by executive order, said the new practices are the result of reviewing Court of Claims orders issued earlier this week.

The court decisions addressed access to caregiver product and also ruled that unlicensed dispensaries may continue to operate until state regulators act upon their applications.

In its Thursday news release, the state said regulators intend to act “swiftly” in approving or denying pending license applications.

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6 comments on “Michigan regulators tighten access to caregiver medical marijuana
  1. Jeff on

    “ new practices”. Same messed up, embarrassing news. Shameful business from start of regulated market. Does anyone have a business degree making decisions? Doesn’t seem so.

  2. Ronald Alger on

    Pure Michigan… These regulators are an embaressment to us.. And insulting to thousands of patients. Make Pure Michigan Proud

    • Plague Industries on

      PSI Labs in Ann Arbor. But, I believe the growers or processors will have to do it and you pay them for the testing.

  3. Scott She'll on

    It sounds like somebody. But a lot of time and a whole lot of money. Into making caregivers cannabis Look bad. Who says? Caregivers cannabis don’t test it as good as dispensaries where are the facts? Sounds like it’s time. For caregivers get together and get a lawyer.

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