Michigan regulators vow to crack down on illicit marijuana in licensed market

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Michigan is homing in on illicit marijuana being sold via legal channels after steady complaints from the licensed industry.

According to the Detroit News, the director of the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) said the bureau is taking steps to expose law breakers and make an example for other regulated businesses.

The regulators are zeroing in on proper tagging and registering of cannabis in the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system as well as ensuring companies are using their cameras correctly.

“If there’s anybody cutting corners or cheating, we want to expose that and take a strong enforcement approach on that,” CRA chief Brian Hanna told the News.

To increase efforts, the regulatory agency:

  • Has increased its budget from $24.1 million last year to $26.1 million this year.
  • Is hiring six new regulatory agents, two analysts, two inspectors and a laboratory specialist.
  • Is planning more spot inspections.
  • Is working with the state police to take anonymous tips and investigate any unlawful cannabis products or sales.