Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Industry on Track for July Launch

The two companies licensed to grow and sell medical marijuana in Minnesota appear on track to launch in July as expected – a rarity in the MMJ industry.

MinnMed is planning to open a dispensary in Minneapolis on July 1 and a Rochester location two weeks later. Dispensaries in Eden Prairie and Moorhead are set for August openings, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Leafline Labs is scheduled to open dispensaries in Eagan and St. Cloud in July, followed by locations in St. Paul and Hibbing in the coming months, MPR said.

MinnMed and Leafline have raised a combined $29 million in financing, which is a significant sum in the industry.

While other states have struggled to roll out their medical or recreational cannabis programs, Minnesota has moved forward quickly and has largely stuck to its initial timeline. MinnMed and Leafline also have seemingly avoided the operational hurdles that have set growers and dispensaries back in other states.

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