Missouri certifies three medical cannabis initiatives for November ballot

medical marijuana Missouri, Missouri certifies three medical cannabis initiatives for November ballot

The Missouri Secretary of State’s office said Thursday that three initiatives to legalize medical marijuana have been certified for the November ballot, pending possible legal challenges.

The initiatives would offer a range of business opportunities to enter the market, with varying tax burdens as a key difference among the three measures.

New Approach Missouri, which failed in a similar effort in 2016 because of a technicality, is backing an initiative that would appear to offer the most business licensing opportunities. The measure also would:

  • Levy a 4% retail sales tax.
  • Use tax revenue in excess of the cost to regulate the system for a fund to help cover veterans’ health-care costs.

A second measure, sponsored by Find the Cures, would:
  • Impose a 15% retail sales tax, plus a wholesale tax of $9.25 per ounce of flower and $2.75 per ounce of leaves.
  • Use tax revenue to establish and fund a state medical research institute.

The third initiative, put forth by Missourians for Patient Care, would:

  • Impose a low 2% retail sales tax.
  • Use tax funds for veterans’ services, drug treatment, early childhood education and public safety in cities that have medical marijuana facilities.

The Missourians for Patient Care initiative is a statutory amendment that could be trumped if one or both of the two constitutional amendments above are approved by voters Nov. 6.

Some observers worry that multiple ballot initiatives could confuse voters. Voters could approve more than one initiative and then the results might have to be hashed out in the courts.

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5 comments on “Missouri certifies three medical cannabis initiatives for November ballot
  1. Chris Dalton on

    Of the three initiatives, the New Approach Missouri initiative is best for business and absolutely the best for patients as it includes in its language a 6 plant grow at home for a medical card recipient. The Find the Cure initiative has little latitude for business and less for patients and was totally funded by a wealthy DR/Attorney Brad Bradshaw and in reading the language is an attempt by Mr Bradshaw to corner the market for he and his cronies in Mo. The New Approach initiative is also a constitutional amendment which will be hands off to the legislatures attempts to amend the language. Vote for New Approach if you are a Missouri resident in November!

  2. ian humphry on

    we live in missouri and my wife is quite ill, we both believe that a “low dose thc/cbd combo edible (she cant smoke anything) could be beneficial to her. yes we could go to colorado and maybe bring some back, but thats illegal and she wont do that and doesnt want me to either so to pass in missouri would be a blessing for a lot of people. come on missouri, lets get it done.

  3. Lynn Kempen on

    All 3 measures are horrible, and need to be vehemently opposed by voters.
    The Constitutional measures are worst of all, as they will be that much harder to undo, with regard to future attempt to restore this non-toxic plant to we-the-people.

    These measures are ALL written by attorneys to install Prohibition 2.0
    PLease don’t vote for these horrible measures!
    Even if the federal gov’t later abolishes prohibition, Missouri will remain a prohibitionist state if these measures are enacted!!!!

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