Missouri gets 2,000+ medical marijuana business applications

Missouri regulators received roughly 2,100 applications for up to 348 medical cannabis business licenses.

More than 1,200 applications arrived in the past three days, including 800 in the 24 hours leading up to the extended deadline, according to state officials.

The deadline was extended from Saturday until 4:30 p.m. CT Monday.

Here are the key details about Missouri’s medical marijuana program, which voters approved in November 2018:

  • The state plans to license 60 cultivation centers, 192 dispensaries, 86 processing sites and 10 testing labs.
  • Marijuana Business Daily projects that the program could generate $175 million-$275 million in annual sales within several years of the launch.
  • A third-party evaluator soon will begin reviewing and scoring the applications, which will be stripped of any identifying information.
  • Regulators must approve or deny an application within 150 days of the submission date.
  • A breakdown of applications by geographical location and facility type will become publicly available in the coming weeks.

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4 comments on “Missouri gets 2,000+ medical marijuana business applications
  1. Avis Bulbulyan on

    That’s in line with other states as far as ratio of available licenses to number of applications submitted. States usually receive 7-10 times the number of applications compared to licenses available. Missouri did a good job here of not over limiting the opportunity and spreading it across multiple sectors. A lot of the apps are probably duplicate submissions for additional locations but this is a really good start for them.

  2. Barbara King on

    I wish we had this in North Carolina, they said they still have to study it, It’s like studying a
    head of lettuce , Cannabis does not kill, ( Opioids kill)

    • Richard Wilson on

      You are so right. In the end, the truth will prevail. The gov’t. can only lie to the public for so long and the public is now accepting the truth. There are so many benefits that the gov’t. is trying to keep only for themselves. It boils down to lies and greed. The damage done over the years is from the laws against this plant, not from folks using it and worrying about getting caught.

  3. Raymond Wiegand on

    I think you will find that the extension was prearranged with out of state and out of country investors who fronted local people both money and completed the applications. The FBI needs to be brought in for political corruption, anti trust and money laundering. I’m sure this will end up in court quickly to identify the political rats.

    I have already encountered applicants who were fronted money and application from out of state investors.

    !500 additional applications on an unannounced extension. Do you really think this is coincidental?
    Everything is not as rosey as it appears.

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