Missouri marijuana product recall hearing moved to December

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An administrative hearing to weigh the merits of a massive marijuana product recall in Missouri has been pushed to December.

Missouri’s Administrative Hearing Commission was set to hear arguments from cannabis regulators and Delta Extraction, but a joint motion between the manufacturer and state attorneys extended the hearing to Dec. 1 at the earliest, the Missouri Independent reported.

Missouri regulators suspended Delta Extraction’s marijuana business license on Aug. 2 and accused the company of sourcing materials from an unlicensed facility.

Then, on Aug. 14, the state recalled roughly 62,000 marijuana products infused with distillate from the Robertson-based company, including vape pens, cartridges and gummies.

The recall has led to millions of dollars in lost sales and inventory for retailers and manufacturers, according to industry sources and court documents obtained by MJBizDaily.

Delta Extraction has denied the charges and has asked the commission to rescind its license suspension and void the recall.

The recall has already triggered one lawsuit against Delta Extraction, by Dark Horse Medicinals, with others likely to follow, including potential litigation against the state and/or regulators since the recalled products and distillate were purchased legally and through licensed suppliers.

In late August, a Missouri circuit judge dismissed Delta Extraction’s motion to halt the recall.