Missouri official predicts recreational marijuana legalization vote in 2022

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The director of Missouri’s medical cannabis program expects adult-use marijuana to be on the state’s ballot in two years.

Lyndall Fraker, the director of the state’s medical marijuana program, told Kansas City TV station WDAF that he believes the legalization of medical marijuana was a steppingstone to full legalization.

“I think that was the intent of the drafters,” Fraker, whose program is overseen by Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services, told the news outlet. “We’ve already heard that they are going to try and work and get it on the ballot. But I don’t think the Legislature will do it.

“I think it will have to be a petition. It’s going to be on the ballot in 2022. I’ve very confident in that, but I don’t know what that language will look like.”

Missouri legalized medical marijuana in 2018 with 66% of the vote, and sales recently began.