Missouri to start taking medical marijuana business application fees Jan. 5

Missouri health regulators said they will begin accepting license application fees for medical marijuana cultivation, infused product manufacturing and dispensaries on Jan. 5.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The license application fee form, which is available on the state health department’s website, is not an application for a license to operate a medical marijuana business. Rather, it’s a form entrepreneurs can fill out along with a check or money order before they file an actual license application.
  • The application fees are not refundable.
  • Application forms for cannabis business licenses will be made available June 4 and must be submitted separately, according to the state’s health department.

In other news, Missouri also appointed Republican Rep. Lyndall Fraker – an outgoing state representative and a supporter of medical marijuana – as director of the state’s MMJ program.

Experts predict Missouri’s MMJ program will be favorable to businesses, and it could generate $175 million-$275 million in annual marijuana sales within several years of the state’s first dispensary opening, according to a Marijuana Business Daily projection.

Voters approved a constitutional amendment in November allowing medical marijuana in Missouri.

The measure allows patients with cancer, HIV, epilepsy and other conditions access to marijuana. It also permits use by veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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4 comments on “Missouri to start taking medical marijuana business application fees Jan. 5
    • Barbara Brooks on

      I’m hoping the qualification will be fair to us small business owners here in Missouri. And also be a resident here. I have paid $6,000 on the pre license application not knowing if I would even qualify to receive a licence.

  1. Kevin on

    My name is Kevin Young. I recently graduated with my Associates Degree in Renewable Energy Technology from Mineral Area College. I went through the Veteran’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program. One of the main incentive of the program is upon graduation I was automatically approved for a one time small business grant /loan to open a business in my field of study. Unfortunately when I looked into it, I was told the VA would not back a marijuana based business. I was relying on those funds to cover all license fees as well as all business related expenses.

  2. Stephanie Padgett on

    Wondering when I will be able to able fit license to get CBD oil capsules??? I suffer from Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia!!! My doctor and Rhemotologist at St. Louis University Of Medicine said I am a perfect cat plus u suffer from depression and anxiety!!! I am not a pill popper and I suffer in a lot pain cause I will not take a lot of the medicine because of the side effects!!! I pray they will make it available for more of us people suffer in lots of pain and other things to be able to get this medicine and then be able to enjoy life!!! There diseases r hearting especially when u go to specialist and they tell u this Fibromyalgia is something we r having a hard time with a Believe Medical Marijuana!!! Please Help!!!???

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