MJ Freeway reveals theft of client data in 2016 cyberattack

, MJ Freeway reveals theft of client data in 2016 cyberattack

MJ Freeway has notified its clients that some of their business information was stolen “on or about” Nov. 19, 2016.

The theft came to light during the Denver-based software company’s investigation of a cyberattack it suffered in January 2017.

MJ Freeway enlisted the help of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to attempt to track down who was behind that attack.

The January hack preceded multiple outages involving MJ Freeway’s Tracker point-of-sale system this past fall.

The outages forced marijuana retailers nationwide to log transactions by hand and, in some cases, to even close temporarily at the cost of thousands of dollars.

According to MJ Freeway, data stolen during the November 2016 hack included birthdates and contact information for businesses and patients.

The company said the theft did not include “financially sensitive data” such as Social Security numbers or credit or debit card numbers.

“To the best of our knowledge,” MJ Freeway wrote in its notification, “this data has not been made publicly available for sale.”

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6 comments on “MJ Freeway reveals theft of client data in 2016 cyberattack
  1. -neil- on

    I think “birthdates” are financially sensitive. When I call my institutions, they regularly ask my for my birthdate to verify who I am.

    I use firewall, antivirus, and anti-malware software on my home computers. I never understood why computers at these large corporations seem to run unprotected.

  2. Undisclosed on

    Um, didn’t they deny the claims to the state of Washington? Didn’t they claim no sensitive information was stolen and it was simply a ‘spoof’?

    What an upstanding company.

  3. FOCUS on

    It makes absolutely no difference what was or wasn’t stolen. This is an issue about data security. There standards in place that they could have followed and chose not to. At the end of the day, MJF should have had adequate security in place to prevent a breach or theft. This has occurred way too many times. Where are the HIPPA police?

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