More illicit California marijuana retailers busted by local law enforcement

Search warrants have been served at 10 inland Southern California marijuana dispensaries allegedly operating without licenses.

Several enforcement actions in the Golden State have been reported in the past several months as state and local authorities continue efforts to crack down on illicit marijuana operations.

It’s a development that could help some licensed MJ firms that have long complained about black-market operators severely impacting their sales.

The Riverside County district attorney’s cannabis regulation task force moved in Thursday after several months of investigations.

The locations were in Hemet, Thousand Palms, Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Jurupa Valley and Banning.

The DA’s office said by late afternoon about 90 pounds of finished cannabis product and a large amount of marijuana edibles had been seized from eight of the locations.

The task force is trying to ensure fair business practices and keep criminal activity out of the legal cannabis industry, according to the DA’s office.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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8 comments on “More illicit California marijuana retailers busted by local law enforcement
  1. david smitt on

    The city of Hemet for one is a city that chose not to go with a prop 64 legal cannabis operations. No state money on enforcement should be spent on these communities that freely chose not to be involved. Areas that do have valid fully operational state cannabis programs (as bad as they are) should be freed from non-licensed black market operators.
    To enforce these areas only deprives the consumer of safe access to cannabis. Unless these communities decide to provide lawful safe access to this plant, please don’t spend my money to terrorize these cities. Let them work this out. If they prefer a black market, let them have one for now.
    The thought of busting businesses for selling this plant when there is no clear path to get or even understand how to get a license for these mom and pop operators is nonproductive and a waste of time. This is a local problem not a state problem for now.
    This continued chaos has been caused by the BCC’s refusal to follow the law. The roadblocks set up to make compliance for most small operators are in direct violation of prop 64 and its intent.
    The BCC must be dissolved and replaced with a well-rounded board that has a clue what they’re doing. No alcohol, tobacco or any other industry, that willfully sells, promotes, manages or regulates products that kill humans should be allowed anywhere near cannabis.
    Cannabis is the safest medicine on the planet. don’t f**k it up with rules and regs designed for profit. That is the definition of a drug dealer, profit before anything else!

  2. zach on

    the state is leaving it to local authorities to clean up their sections. if you note the cities that were affected are all within the county of riverside. which, has just allowed for dispensary application submissions last week.

  3. Ed on

    Oh yes, we got lots and lots a’ Trouble.
    Right here in Riverside,
    Trouble with a capital “T”
    and that rimes with “P”
    and that stands for Pot!

  4. Kush Haze on

    If the history of making a plant an illegal schedule 1 drug in America was put into light for ALL of Cannabis Communities & Regular Communities to see, It would really be an eye opener. Knowledge about FACTUAL HISTORY is not ALWAYS pretty & nice. To arrest someone for the possession of something that grows naturally out of the ground is insanity in itself; because a group of individuals decided to make it a law. When you have some with paperwork in order for this sector & others that don’t because a SYSTEM has not made it AVAILABLE ,that shouldn’t be in place anyway because once again, a PLANT. To much focus is being spent on laws, regulations, courts, & legalities than other creative BENIFITS that this PLANT has to combat REAL problems that are in the Disease World that can be managed & eradicated…And for the Individuals that have decided to relax & un wind all of the stressful evils of the world…

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