More than 35,000 in Missouri approved to buy medical cannabis

In a sign of strong demand that bodes well for the nascent medical marijuana market in Missouri, regulators already have approved more than 35,000 patient registrations.

Medical cannabis sales won’t begin in Missouri until late summer at the earliest, but 35,532 patients have successfully registered to use MMJ to treat certain qualifying conditions.

The number of registered patients far exceeds what had been projected this early in the process by researchers with the University of Missouri’s Economic and Policy Analysis Research Center.

Such interest in medical cannabis could prove a boon for MMJ businesses in Missouri, where Marijuana Business Daily estimates annual sales could eventually reach $300 million.

Psychological disorders were the No. 1 reason for patient requests, followed by chronic medical conditions, according to Lyndall Fraker, director of medical marijuana for the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

The health department awarded 192 dispensary, 60 cultivation and 86 processing licenses.

Many of the licenses went to large, out-of-state multistate operators, and at least 845 appeals have been filed by companies that did not receive permits.

– Associated Press

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One comment on “More than 35,000 in Missouri approved to buy medical cannabis
  1. Kathleen Sarna on

    It is very unfortunate that so many patients who paid for Missouri Medical Marijuana licenses, will have their licenses expire before any product is available. The DHSS says they will NOT be issuing refunds to patients whose licenses expire before they can purchase any cannabis, nor will they be extending the expiration dates for said licenses. So, the DHSS accepted monies for a product neither they nor anyone else, can deliver. Why is that legal? I emailed the DHSS to ask about refunds or extensions and here is their reply:
    “Provisions in Article XIV set the July 4th deadline for accepting patient applications and issuing licenses, which was before the timeframe for accepting facility applications and facility license issuance. Therefore, the department was required to meet this deadline and to begin accepting applications and issuing patient, caregiver and patient cultivation licenses before the time frame for accepting facility applications and facility license issuance.

    The department will not be providing refunds for licenses and will not be extending expiration dates on licenses. Licensed patients, caregivers and patient cultivators must annually renew an identification card from the department per section 3. (19) of Article XIV, and therefore the department does not have the authority to extend expiration dates of licenses.

    Article XIV establishes the right for authorized caregivers to possess, authorized patients to possess and use, and authorized patient/caregiver cultivators to grow medical marijuana now. DHSS believes this means card holders may possess medical marijuana now. The Constitution does not provide an avenue as to how Missouri licensed patients and caregivers access medical marijuana outside of purchasing from a Missouri dispensary once they are operational.”

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