Neo-Nazi charges spur Oregon marijuana lab executive’s exit

The founder and executive director of a state-licensed cannabis testing lab in Eugene, Oregon, is stepping down amid allegations she is a neo-Nazi supporter.

Bethany Sherman also plans to sell the OG Analytical testing lab she founded in 2013, according to The Oregonian.

Her actions follow allegations by a local Antifa group that she and Matthew L. Combs – who also is listed as an owner of OG Analytical – have white nationalist ties.

However, Sherman said Combs hasn’t been active in the company for four years, according to The Oregonian, which also reported that the “two have a child but their relationship status (is) unclear” now.

Sherman – who is listed on the company website as the director of the Cannabis Safety Institute, a not-for-profit educational group – denied the Eugene Antifa allegations and told The Oregonian her “only crime is a thought crime.”

OG Analytical employees decided Sherman must leave if the company is to survive, lab director Rodger Voelker told the newspaper. Voelker called the allegations “horrific” and “disgusting.”

He also said the company has “seen a 100% decline in our business” because of the allegations, The Oregonian reported.

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4 comments on “Neo-Nazi charges spur Oregon marijuana lab executive’s exit
  1. bill lewis on

    Sad, that we can’t just talk to each other instead of at each other. We all make mistakes, better to just get over it. Forgive and forget!

    • Lauren S. on

      Bethany Sherman admitted to participating in white supremacist groups in her official statement to The Oregonian and Matthew Combs was identified in photos of participants at a Holocaust denial rally in Eugene, Oregon. There was plenty of proof and evidence.

      Having worked with both of them through OG Analytical in 2014 and 2015, it was incredibly disappointing and heartbreaking to learn that these accusations were true – especially as the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors.

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