Nevada AG to weigh in on cannabis consumption lounges

Nevada’s marijuana regulators have asked state Attorney General Adam Laxalt for a formal opinion on whether state law allows cannabis use in smoking lounges and at special events.

According to the Nevada Appeal, the state’s Department of Taxation made the request in the wake of a Legislative Counsel’s opinion that the voter-approved law allowing recreational marijuana use doesn’t specifically prohibit marijuana consumption and possession in places where the public isn’t allowed and where entry is restricted to people 21 and older.

The legislative panel also said local governments have the authority to license such businesses and consumption lounges, or the use of marijuana at special events – just as those governments license other businesses.

Gov. Brian Sandoval noted when that opinion was issued last month it doesn’t legally carry the weight of an official opinion from the attorney general.

Commissioners in Clark County, which is home to Las Vegas, recently said they would table discussions about cannabis consumption lounges until they see how Denver handles the matter.

– Associated Press

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