New legal opinion: Nevada public cannabis consumption lounges OK

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Nevada marijuana entrepreneurs take note: Businesses in your state are not prevented by law from establishing a public cannabis consumption lounge or hosting an event that allows recreational MJ use.

That’s according to a new legal opinion from the Legislative Counsel Bureau that was requested by state Sen. Tick Segerblom, the Nevada Independent reported.

Marijuana consumption lounges have been a hot topic in the state, particularly in Las Vegas, where casinos and hotels don’t allow social use of cannabis.

Opening up opportunities for public cannabis consumption would benefit the city’s marijuana business owners, whose customer base would expand immensely if the multitude of tourists who visit Las Vegas annually had a place to legally consume.

The recreational marijuana ballot measure that passed in 2016 bans public consumption of marijuana, according to the Independent, but doesn’t include language regarding venues that control access and forbid admittance of people younger than 21.

However, the amendment’s language prevents marijuana retail shops from allowing onsite public consumption.

According to the Legislative Counsel Bureau, it’s up to Nevada’s cities and counties to enact ordinances to permit and regulate public consumption lounges.