Nevada suspends Reno marijuana grower’s license

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Nevada cannabis regulators suspended the license of a Reno cultivator, just days after the beginning of an investigation into the industry by a governor-appointed, multi-agency task force.

The cultivator, Helio, was notified of the suspension Friday, according to the Reno Gazette Journal.

The action comes as a task force has been making unannounced spot inspections of several marijuana testing laboratories in an effort to get to the bottom of allegations that some cannabis product test results have been manipulated.

Helios, which cultivates marijuana for Nevada’s medical and recreational markets, has 13 registered owners, according to a Nevada Department of Taxation document.

One of Helio’s owners, Kierra Sears, told the Gazette Journal that the suspension came as a “shock” and, “to my knowledge, there is nothing that took place to warrant or result in a suspension of a license.”

Sears wouldn’t disclose the reason the state gave for the suspension.

State regulators didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment by Marijuana Business Daily.

It was unclear Monday if the Helios suspension is a direct result of the task force’s work, or if any other cannabis businesses in the state have been suspended.

Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak earlier this month formed the task force to “root out corruption or criminal influences” in the state’s legal cannabis market.

The task force was prompted by a federal indictment that detailed a failed attempt by a group with foreign ties to win a retail marijuana license in Nevada by donating money to the political campaigns of two state officials.

But Sisolak also made it clear that he wanted other industry issues to be investigated as well, including allegations involving product testing.

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