Nevada inspecting cannabis testing labs in corruption probe

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A Nevada task force investigating possible corruption in the marijuana industry already has conducted unannounced spot inspections at several testing laboratories.

The inspections are being done, the Las Vegas Journal-Review reported, after allegations emerged that test results had been manipulated, allowing products with unacceptable levels of mold, yeast and other microbials to be sold to consumers.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak last week created the multi-agency task force to “root out corruption or criminal influences” in the state’s legal cannabis market.

The creation of the task force was prompted by a federal indictment that detailed a failed attempt by a group with foreign ties to win a retail marijuana license in Nevada by donating money to the political campaigns of two state officials.

But Sisolak said at the time that he wanted the task force to also investigate “ongoing issues” such as “serious allegations of manipulated lab results” and the state’s licensing process, which has been buried in litigation.

Separately, the task force has recommended that the state extend its review period for cannabis license transfer and change of ownership applications.

The state Department of Taxation said in a news release this week that, based on the recommendation, it won’t process existing or new license transfer or change of ownership applications until a more thorough review is conducted.

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