Nevada Will Not Miss MMJ Deadline, Officials Say

Officials in Nevada are adamant they will not miss an important April 1 deadline tied to the state’s medical marijuana dispensary program.

Marla McDade Williams, deputy administrator of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, said in a statement that the division is “on track to meet the deadline for adoption of the regulations” that will govern the state’s medical cannabis industry.

The statement followed reports that Nevada would be unable to issue certificates to medical marijuana business owners on April 1. McDade Williams acknowledged this is true, but said the original deadline was simply for the adoption of the new rules, not the issuing of certificates.

Nevada passed a law in 2013 that authorizes up to 40 dispensaries in Clark County, 10 in Washoe County, two in Carson City and one in each of Nevada’s 14 rural counties.

Not everyone is pleased with the law, though. Some lawyers say that a rule requiring cannabis dispensaries to submit to an annual audit could cost between $25,000 to $50,000 each year per business.

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One comment on “Nevada Will Not Miss MMJ Deadline, Officials Say
  1. Jillyin James on

    I paid 150 dollars for my doc because they are not covered by insurance and the ones which are refuse to discuss medicinal cannabis. I paid the state 150 annually to register as an mmj patient and that fee does nothing to protect me from drug tests, in fact until April all it has done is go into the general fund.

    What I want to know is why has methamphetamine hydrochloride been available with a prescription and all the protections that come with it, at the pharmacy since 1944, covered by insurance prescription drug plans, but something so amazing, in terms of its diverse medicinal applications, as cannabis is still remains a vice in its public perception? Why are our governments so intent on playing games with a medicinal, organic, natural flower that has the potential to stop the suffering of so many children and adults? To me that is vile and evil and if any of you is reading this, get out of our way and afford mmj patients the same dignity and protections that you allotted methamphetamine patients since 1944, look it up it’s called desoxyn.

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