New Jersey Assembly delays action on medical marijuana expansion bill

The New Jersey Assembly postponed voting Monday on a medical cannabis expansion measure to avoid walking into a possible veto by Gov. Phil Murphy.

Lawmakers instead plan to try to resolve disagreements with Murphy’s office over the bill’s tax rate and program oversight provisions, reported.

While the legislation has been slowly working its way through the process, Murphy – to the ire of some lawmakers – has gone ahead with his own MMJ expansion plan that calls for the issuing of up to 108 new licenses.

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2 comments on “New Jersey Assembly delays action on medical marijuana expansion bill
  1. Joseph Caravella on

    I’ve stated this before my government leaves me to suffer guiltily so,I’m in severe pain and no relief in sight ? cannabis as you’ve so cruelly call crudely marajuana is the only thing plant medication that’s ever help me I can’t even find that around anymore instead you clearly see heroin pandemic and alcoholism running rampant treatment greed centers fighting us because you damn well know if the money goes ? the law don’t get there racism hands fed well nuff said y’all aren’t and will not change i by the way have connective tissue issues anklousing spondylitus fibromyalgia ibs ohh and yes I’m a recovering alcoholic and addict so yea

    • Grab Yerb***s on

      Get the card? most doctors charge $300-$400 for the visit but I made a few calls and found a few for $125 for the visit $20-$40 for the card if you have Medicaid. If you’re on probation in NJ they recognize the card even if your conviction was marijuana related. I too b*tched about all the “politics” until I stopped whining and looked into it. It’s easier then you think. I too am in recovery from alcoholism. I know where you’re coming from. There’s enough qualifying ailments now you should fit into at least one. I wish you the best of luck

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