New Jersey Senate votes to advance medical cannabis expansion bill

The New Jersey Senate voted 33-4 on Thursday to advance a bill that would boost medical marijuana sales and create new business opportunities in the state.

Before the vote, the Senate amended Assembly Bill 10 to allow marijuana workers to join unions.

Now, the measure will go back to the Assembly for a vote to approve the change.

If the bill makes its way to Gov. Phil Murphy and is signed, the measure will:

  • Create a new regulatory commission for medical marijuana.
  • Pave the way for the state to issue additional business licenses.
  • Allow cannabis home delivery.
  • Ease restrictions on the process for recommending medical marijuana.

The bill is considered by some a consolation prize after the state failed to legalize adult-use marijuana.

Businesses that hoped to cash in on adult-use marijuana sales in New Jersey are now expected to refocus efforts on the state’s medical cannabis market.

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One comment on “New Jersey Senate votes to advance medical cannabis expansion bill
  1. James Sandler on

    It is despicable that recreational marijuana legislation could not be passed in NJ, due to the political power play by both Sweeney and Murphy. How repulsive!


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