New Jersey could see uptick in medical cannabis patients via telemedicine

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New Jersey health authorities recently gave the greenlight to physicians to write recommendations for medical marijuana through online appointments, also known as telemedicine.

The move could lead to a boost in the number of registered patients in the state.

According to mHealthIntelligence, the permission came through the New Jersey attorney general’s Division of Consumer Affairs.

The agency issued an administrative order expanding the guidelines under which telemedicine can be utilized by health-care providers, so patients can avoid in-person doctor’s visits and thereby minimize the prospects of being with the coronavirus.

One of the expanded telemedicine uses is for medical marijuana.

Even if the order doesn’t result in a significant uptick in the number of patients, it’s likely to at least help existing patients renew their certifications so they can continue to purchase MMJ.

The order is temporary, however, and will be lifted once the coronavirus pandemic has passed.

New Jersey is somewhat late to the party on telemedicine; by May, at least two dozen states had already granted similar permissions to their physicians to write MMJ recommendations after an online consultation.