New Jersey dispensary teams with cannabis company that has John Boehner on board

A longtime medical cannabis dispensary in New Jersey has struck a partnership with Acreage Holdings, the multistate marijuana business that last month brought former House Speaker John Boehner onto its advisory board.

According to, Compassionate Care Foundation in south New Jersey is teaming up with Acreage to construct a 100,000-square-foot grow operation.

Acreage Holdings and Compassionate Care Foundation have both signed a letter of intent for a long-term management contract for future operations and expansion plans, reported.

The dispensary is also trying to get approval from the state to open more storefronts in three municipalities – Atlantic City, Cherry Hill and Moorestown – in addition to its flagship dispensary in Egg Harbor Township.

That will likely become possible if the legislature signs off on a bill to expand New Jersey’s MMJ program significantly. The legislature is also weighing recreational marijuana legalization.

New Jersey would be the 13th state in Acreage’s portfolio if the deal with Compassionate Care Foundation goes through.

Acreage has marijuana industry interests in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington state.

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2 comments on “New Jersey dispensary teams with cannabis company that has John Boehner on board
  1. Dr. Michael Uphues on

    John Boehner ought to be an outspoken proponent of medical cannabis just as he was an opponent. But he’s quietly hiding under his desk waiting for the dollars to pour in. Now that he can personally profit from this it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
    It’s been used in Chinese Medicine for over 5,000 years. It was in over the counter products in this country from 1864-1941. No one has ever died from a Cannabis overdose in the entire history of mankind. There is no lethal dose of which we are currently aware. Millions of people have increased their quality of life by using cannabis for medicinal purposes. These are just a few of the facts that Boehner needs to know now that it is expedient for him to partner with Cannabis dispensaries. Give me a shout sometime John. You need schooling and I am just the doctor to provide it to you.

  2. Brandon Chewey on

    This is the last thing New Jersey needs. New Jersey needs citizens from the Garden State to step up and handle the industry of cannabis. Citizens of New Jersey do not want out of State Corporations investing into our state when they do not care about our culture nor our communities. This is a disgusting move made by the social Elites. As a person who has been a medical cannabis patient for over 4 years as well as a person certified to grow cannabis, I am forbidden to grow my medicine here in the Garden State. I am forced to pay over $400 an ounce of cannabis, that is 3 times the price of recreational States and double the price of New Jersey’s Black Market cannabis price. If we wish to have a fruitful cannabis industry here in New Jersey we must keep the patients and their communities above business, money and power. New Jersey is truly living up to its name as the armpit State as developments of big business continue to gather around cannabis while the patients are left high and dry. We need a home growing provision to allow patients the ability to access medicine. We currently have over 21,000 New Jersey medical marijuana patients with only 5 facilities that are licensed to sell this medicine. Imagine 21000 bar patrons with only 5 bars in the entire State. Lee Supply simply does not meet the demand. We have millions of dollars to incarcerate individuals for simple possession. Simple possession carries 3 to 5 years New Jersey state prison. They cost over $53,000 to incarcerate One inmate per year for simple possession of marijuana. We have Limitless funds to incarcerate our people yet we do not offer the proper medical treatment to are terminally ill and suffering. We must incorporate a home grow provision to establish a fruitful medical marijuana program for our patients. People are dying and cannabis has proven to be successful in recovery. Every day that we do not allow patients access to the medicine they need, is another day politicians have blood on their hands. But do they care? No. They simply don’t. Many politicians do not want to get behind the marijuana movement for fear of social opinion and loss of votes. It’s time our politicians in the Garden State put saving lives over Saving Face. Alcohol is legally killing people, cannabis has not caused the overdose death of a single person, ever. Cannabis also holds over 700 treatments to 700 elements in the human body. Alcohol does not carry healing properties yet it is legally killing people and we allow it and promote it. Cannabis is a medicine and we send people to jail for it. This business merge only means that are corporations, jails and Judiciary will continue to serve the same segregating Justice that initiated from the failed War on Drugs policy. Time to change the stigma and it begins with allowing adults the right to make adult decisions in regards to their own medicine.

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