New Mexico alters rules for medical marjiuana sales to nonresidents

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New Mexico has stopped issuing medical cannabis enrollment cards to people who live outside the state but soon will allow nonresident patients enrolled in other state programs to buy MMJ.

Only a week ago, New Mexico reversed course on a decision that allowed nonresidents to sign up to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program.

State health officials said the change allowing nonresidents to register for New Mexico’s MMJ program was inadvertent and invited problems with federal authorities because of the potential for diverting marijuana outside a regulated system.

Specifically, at least 600 people from Arizona, Texas and other states enrolled in New Mexico’s medical marijuana program since the residency requirement was dropped in 2019 because of a court ruling.

Beginning July 1, however, New Mexico will be permitted to recognize MMJ enrollment cards from other states that have legalized medical cannabis use.

New Mexico’s MMJ program director, Dominick Zurlo, noted that it’s still illegal to transport medical marijuana across state lines and that the goal of recognizing out-of-state cards is to allow patients to access cannabis just like other medications.

Associated Press