New Mexico Could Allow 12 More Cultivation Sites

New Mexico is considering a plan to boost the number of cultivation licenses significantly and raise production caps in a bid to alleviate a shortage of medical cannabis.

Under a proposal unveiled by the New Mexico Department of Health, the state would grant another 12 producer licenses and let each cultivation site have up to 150 mature plants and 300 seedlings.

Currently, there are 23 licensed producers (which also operate associated dispensaries) in the state, and each is limited to just 150 plants and seedlings.

The health department unveiled the plan several months after it released a report that found producers are growing just 20% of the amount of medical marijuana patients need. The shortage is tied to the state’s strict regulations, which have prevented the industry from ramping up production to meet increasing demand.

, New Mexico Could Allow 12 More Cultivation SitesNew Mexico’s patient registry has grown by more than 10% over the past year to about 10,600.

The health department will hold a hearing on the proposal and take public comments this spring.

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2 comments on “New Mexico Could Allow 12 More Cultivation Sites
  1. Valorie Pandak on

    I would love to grow the medical pot. I have the cinderblock barn and property but new Mexico dept. of health not accepting applications yet.

    Is there any other contracts. I was very interested in the medical products being sold too. I have worked with making herb aromas and
    herbal products for livestock to domestic animals.
    Is there any contracts where I can make those also?
    I hear the application is about 100 pages. Cant we get a previous application from somewhere to get started with paper work ?

  2. valorie pandak on

    still no applications ready yet. X said appliaction was about 100 pages I am getting ready and getting done what I can to complete .Is there any news on actual products being made for animals
    I have receipes,guidelines from usda, fda and cvm, labels are in the making but still waiting for the papers.

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