New Mexico medical cannabis firm wins $69,000 in lawsuit settlement

Officials of events company Expo New Mexico agreed to drop a pending appeal and pay $69,600 to medical marijuana company Ultra Health as part of a lawsuit settlement.

The settlement comes almost a year after a judge ruled that Expo New Mexico had violated Ultra Health’s First Amendment rights by restricting its free speech.

The legal dispute began after Expo New Mexico told Ultra Health it could not display marijuana or any paraphernalia related to cannabis use or cultivation in its proposed educational booth at the 2017 State Fair.

Ultra Health executives told the Albuquerque Journal they sued to preserve its free-speech rights to display marijuana and advocate for its use.

The company encountered problems at the 2016 New Mexico fair when State Police officers told company employees to leave the event after displaying a live cannabis plant.

– Associated Press

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    The only reason cannabis gets a bad name is because all they think is “weed” they dont understand that this is a plant created by God. and a plant meaning 1 person can grow 100% grade A quality medicine for over 100 illnesses. This plant saved my life from 7 herniated discs. Cannabis has been used for over 5,000 years and will continue to do wonders. But it’s still not legal is coz politicians are paid millions on top of millions to stay silent for campaign money I thank God I live in a generation that speaks up and not be silent on this

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