New Mexico MMJ producer may be in trouble over state fair

One of New Mexico’s 35 medical marijuana producers may have landed his business in hot water after he put a cannabis plant on display at the state fair this week.

Duke Rodriguez, the CEO of Ultra Health, said he paid $2,000 for a booth at the fair and informed fair officials beforehand that he was planning on displaying a marijuana plant and several other items to promote MMJ “as an agricultural asset” to New Mexico – much like the Hatch green chile and piñon nuts.

During the fair Thursday, a fair manager informed him that there had been a mistake, and that he would have to remove the plant and any printed materials with images of marijuana plants, the Albuquerque Journal reported.

At first, Rodriguez told the Journal, he was told that he’d be allowed to keep the plant on display until the end of day, and then a state police officer informed him he had to remove everything right away.

On top of that, the New Mexico Department of Health told the Journal that it would be investigating the incident because MMJ production is mandated to take place only at secure facilities.

A department spokesperson told the Journal in an email that it will “take appropriate action, which can include suspending their business operation or other disciplinary action.”

The matter is the opposite of what occurred at the recent Oregon State Fair, where cannabis plants were welcomed by officials.

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