New Mexico to Reveal Names of MMJ Businesses, Employees

New Mexico’s medical marijuana dispensaries and their employees are about to feel the full weight of government transparency.

Gov. Susana Martinez has approved a policy change that will make the names of the state’s MMJ producers/dispensaries and their workers public information, according to the Albuquerque Journal. The move reverses a confidentiality clause in New Mexico’s medical marijuana law that kept those names secret.

The state previously provided a list of licensed dispensaries only to patients who received approval for medical cannabis cards, though some businesses advertise publicly.

The change is apparently in response to a lawsuit filed against the state that sought the disclosure of all the names.

Still, it’s not clear when those identities will be made available for public review because the governor has ordered the state Department of Health to rewrite its confidentiality rule for MMJ businesses. That could take some time.

There were 24 dispensaries operating in New Mexico in early 2015, according to the Marijuana Business Factbook.

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8 comments on “New Mexico to Reveal Names of MMJ Businesses, Employees
  1. Mark Burcaw, D.C. on

    Just apply the same rules to any Judge or Politician so advocating! That will nip this in the bud…weed out turd-like laws…and so on.

  2. Steven North on

    This is definitely a political move. If the Governor is going to supply employment data, then supply employment data on everyone who has a job. Freedom of Information does not extend to this type of disclosure. I would look for counter-suits to stop this.

  3. gloria on

    Come on people! I keep reading all these stories & comments on MJ. Please, please, would all of you grow up & become REAL, about MJ?? Disclosure & transparency, let alone honesty, should be first & foremost with all business dealings, friend & family dealings, everything! If one doesn’t want their “name” associated with MJ, or the business of such, or even as an employee working with it, then perhaps they should just get the heck out of that business! Don’t ya think? If you are not proud of what you do,, do something else with your life. If you are proud of what you do, or even try to do, then why the heck would you be worried about anyone knowing that is what you do? I guess the question for those who want disclosure, & even those who don’t want disclosure, should be: “WHY IS IT THAT YOU CARE”? Seems to me, the people that are wanting to know other peoples names that are involved in the MJ biz, for whatever reason & purpose, need to answer the question of “why do you care”? They probably have some kind of ill intentions if wanting to know that bad.. The people that don’t want their name known associated with it, or known, are probably at the very least either not being honest with someone, or doing something they don’t want known for whatever reason, so if they are honest & doing things the right way, then again, why the heck should they care who knows that is what they are doing?

  4. Jahpharmer on

    Whoa there governor!

    I believe there’s some U.S. Constitutional protections about to be violated here: seeing how cannabis, et al, still is federally a Schedule 1 substance, thus, federally anyone involved in state-legal medical cannabis still is in violation of federal law. Therefore this brings into play U.S. Bill of Rights protections against self incrimination, for starters.

    IMHO, and I am not a lawyer, this proposed legislation by the governor at the least is poorly conceived, not well thought-out, and perhaps it might even be a “5th column” movement?

  5. calicorock on

    Yikes ! This is a why a Democrat leaning State like NM, should have never voted to put a Republican Governor into the States top office.

  6. Mel on

    Seriously, Mark Burcaw? It’s not that people who take cannabis are inherently “dishonest” or ashamed, it’s that our country is in transition, nationally, on this issue and it hasn’t been resolved, obviously. I don’t smoke, personally, but people I know who do have every right to “seek cover” until it’s safe to be open about that. That’s why they care about the Gov. wanting everybody’s NAME. What could her intentions possibly be? It strikes me as being to somehow threaten and/or punish them.

  7. Mel on

    Sorry, my mistake, that should read, “Seriously, Gloria?” — I’m responding to Gloria’s comment, not Mark’s!

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