New York is considering recreational cannabis legalization

New York’s governor is urging state lawmakers to provide funding to establish a commission that would study the feasibility of legalizing adult-use marijuana in the state.

The study would explore recreational legalization’s health effects, economic impact, criminal justice impact and how recreational legalization by some of New York’s neighbors would affect the state, according to Buffalo TV station WKBW.

The announcement – which Gov. Andrew Cuomo made during his annual budget address to lawmakers – comes as three of New York’s neighbors move closer to having full-fledged recreational marijuana markets:
  • Massachusetts voters passed a recreational marijuana law in 2016, and the market is supposed to launch later this year.
  • New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy wants his state to pass adult-use cannabis, and lawmakers are poised to pass a bill soon.
  • Vermont Gov. Phil Scott is expected to sign a rec MJ bill that the legislature passed earlier this month.

Those states’ momentum toward recreational marijuana helped fuel New York’s desire to conduct a study on adult use, budget director Robert Mujica told the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

The study would be undertaken by the New York health department and other state agencies, according to news reports.

New York already has a medical cannabis program, but it’s considered one of the most restrictive in the nation.

The Democrat & Chronicle noted that Cuomo insisted on “many of the restrictions” on the MMJ program and that the governor has been hesitant to ease the state’s adult-use laws.

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6 comments on “New York is considering recreational cannabis legalization
  1. Ben Dover on

    Let’s take the profit and quality control from the drug cartel’s, the drug war is a failure, how many people sell booze on the corner to kid’s, Democrat or republican the conservative’s have to GO!

    • ralph nichols on

      the number of pepole that are killed every year from pot is 0 so why not pass the dam law and keep are jail cells open for real crimes makes sense to me and most everyone in new york state

  2. Brett Roper on

    Perhaps once the provide for a full medical initiative as the current one is one of the most limited deployments of all the 29 states … no smokable or edibles with horrendously restrictive regulations make me scratch my head and wonder if the cart is not well in front of the horse … the black market is alive and well in NY for the time being … perhaps they should study the medical deployment and improve it first?

  3. Steven Domenici on

    Too little too late Cuomo. You’re forced retirement is guaranteed. This is only a ploy because his opponent mentioned it and because other states took the initiative to change their stupid laws.

    He’ll use this to drag out any possible recreational marijuana law so he can get re-elected. If it’s NOT HAPPENING NOW, then it’s all a little game.

  4. Mike on

    After taking some New York Medicine to my lab in SoCal and then at Salem-I meet with the neurology team in N.Y. so they may give me a medical card.
    I said I di not need a card for NY I have 1 already but we set down and explained there at 80 cannabodes in this plant them gave them their test results. Our Governor will not let these outlets purchase solvent free, pest free oil from across state lines?-For Now?

  5. Brian on

    The Medical marijuana program in NY state is a ripoff garbage for instance a .5ml vape cartridge from Etain llc is 180$ that same cartridge in Cali is 35$ there is a big problem with the government owning patents on the healing properties of the cannabis plant but says its dangerous at the same time witch lie is it

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