NY marijuana trade group expels MedMen; company says it hasn’t been notified

MedMen New York medical marijuana, NY marijuana trade group expels MedMen; company says it hasn’t been notified

The New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association (NYMCIA) has expelled California-based MedMen from its ranks, an organization spokesman confirmed to Marijuana Business Daily, but the company said it has yet to be notified of such a move.

“(MedMen) didn’t resign, but then we threw them out,” said the spokesman, who requested anonymity.

“They are no longer affiliated with the NYMCIA. They are no longer part of the association.”

No further details were immediately available, such as when MedMen was expelled.

MedMen spokesman Daniel Yi wrote in an email to MJBizDaily that the company had not surrendered its membership and had not been informed of any action taken to remove it from the NYMCIA.

“We have not submitted any letter of resignation nor have we received any notice from the association that we are no longer a member. As far as we are concerned, we remain in the association,” Yi wrote.

The NYMCIA first raised the possibility of expelling MedMen in February in the wake of a lawsuit filed by former Chief Financial Officer James Parker, who alleged company leadership had used homophobic and racial slurs.

“MedMen’s CEO Adam Bierman is alleged to have made racist, sexist and homophobic comments targeting African Americans, women and members of the LGBT community,” the association wrote in a letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The NYMCIA also said it intended to expel MedMen if the company didn’t voluntarily relinquish its membership.

MedMen is one of 10 companies that hold medical cannabis business licenses in New York. It entered the market in January 2017 through an acquisition.

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8 comments on “NY marijuana trade group expels MedMen; company says it hasn’t been notified
  1. SteveW on

    Wait a minute. They are kicking MedMen out because they don’t like some stuff a few execs said? So far as I can tell from the level of accusations that commonly fly around nowadays virtually everyone is a bigot of one sort or another so big whoop!
    Sounds to me like some competitors just want to hamstring these guys. Lame.

    • Pgac on

      Yeah it’s absurd. IMHO I believe your right someone’s looking to put the brakes on MedMen rapid growth and will try at any cost. It’s sad really cause they hire African American sales team members and his best friend and partner is homosexual. It’s funny how he’s targeted when trying to make a positive change in this world but yet you can’t prosecute the President for all the garbage stunts he’s pulled through the decades. Hmmmm. I wonder???

  2. Steven Groce, Attorney on

    Innocent, until proven guilty!
    Just another example of what appears to be “Fake News” for competitors to try to kick out the competition. Also an example of what Big Money and Greed, will make some people do.
    Unfortunately, the entire Medical and Recreational Market in every State, is only about big money and greed.
    As a Life Member Attorney for NORML, it is my personal opinion that we all have totally lost our original goal, which was nothing less than Legalization, and returning Marijuana to the Pre-Prohibition status it had before 1937, when it was as legal as a Tomato Plant.
    That is the goal we should still have. No person, no business and definitely not our own Government should be able to monopolize on this at the expense of the people.

  3. Gary Colmey on

    F*** MedMen and every other NYS MMJ provider who seeks to ban home cultivation in the coming legalization legislation! It will be my mission to remind everyone I can how they oppose OUR FREEDOM!

  4. Robert Hebrl on

    You can not discriminate over a unfounded comment which has not been found to be true or false the USA still believes and follows the law innocent until proven guilty . Medmen has contributed more than their fair share to help along the legalization process and the comment made by the ny medical marijuana association by someone not willing to put a name to their so called outing of a public ally traded company is slander and should be sued as such.

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