MedMen asked to resign from New York medical marijuana trade group

California-based cannabis retailer MedMen may be forced out of a medical marijuana trade group in New York, where it holds one of 10 MMJ business permits.

According to the Daily News, the New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association (NYMCIA) asked the company to resign from the association because of allegations made by former MedMen CFO James Parker in a lawsuit filed last month in California.

Among other charges, Parker alleged that MedMen CEO Adam Bierman used homophobic and racial slurs.

MedMen has denied the allegations.

However, officials of the New York trade group said MedMen would be expelled if it refuses to resign.

The NYMCIA wrote in a letter to state officials – including Gov. Andrew Cuomo – that it “has a zero-tolerance discrimination policy for any of our members who engage in this type of despicable behavior.”

MedMen’s vice president of communications, Daniel Yi, told the Daily News that “we still support (NYMCIA) and its cause … We have already addressed these allegations publicly.

“They are patently false. They were made by a disgruntled employee and are untrue.”

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10 comments on “MedMen asked to resign from New York medical marijuana trade group
  1. Alexis Peterson on

    Seems like pretty stiff consequences for some name calling. That’s alot of revenue being lost.Today there are things you just don’t say whether in business or private settings. Also seems like if there is a chance for a lawsuit people try to get get what ever the lawyers think they can get. Pretty dog eat dog society these days.

  2. John on

    Crazy days! Where are the days when we waited for “allegations “ to be confirmed before penalizing any one, including companies such as Med Men. Sounds like a premature move by NYMCIA, certainly not good business. Makes you wonder what the NYMCIA real motives are and what politicians are involved.

  3. Ken on

    Ny is not helping itself to attract new businesses by convicting,and ruining a person or their living from a he said she said cituation it’s already the highest taxed and cost of living in the nation,they already have nothing to offer,now this. Good luck on not driving your state further into the crapper.

  4. Oldschool on

    Medmen are greedy corporate vampires, part of the tidal wave of manipulative opportunists taking advantage of hopeful investors in the nascent cannabis industry. Perhaps the better trend would be companies staying private and not having indisciminate access to heaps of investor money, thrown in mass on pipe dreams of 10x returns on investment. I too am a shareholder with substantial position, carefully watching the “roll out strategy” of yet another corporation with big talk about “leveraging their position” to “access markets” and “supply chains”. Lots of rhetoric, huge salaries and stock plays. Look at “namaste technologies”.! What a Freaking joke! Honoring the other through theft and manipulation eh?, how perfect for corporate canna. Definition of capitalism: “to take advantage of a position”. One word: Integrity. Weed is for sharing.

    • Ted Stevens on

      A group of Wall Street brokers who admittedly don’t use cannabis, building their brand on “changing connotations and presenting a new public image for cannabis” is lame from the start. I don’t know anything about racist or homophobic slurs but this movement’s image was doing fine, thanks.

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