New Zealand makes move to legalize medical marijuana

A bill to legalize medical marijuana in New Zealand will be introduced this week in the nation’s Parliament, and it will be done by the country’s health minister, a move that signals serious political support for MMJ.

Not many details have been released yet about the legislation or what type of industry infrastructure it would allow for, according to The New Zealand Herald.

However, the bill “will not be as liberal” as an earlier MMJ legalization measure, the newspaper reported.

The bill would allow for home cultivation of MMJ and generally make medical cannabis “more accessible to people with terminal illnesses or chronic conditions,” Minister David Clark told the Herald.

“There are some who will wish that we would go further,” Clark said. “We believe we’ve struck a balance which represents good progress.”

Nearby Australia legalized MMJ last year.

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One comment on “New Zealand makes move to legalize medical marijuana
  1. Jackson Mullins on

    God made grass, humans make alcohol and illegalizes grass. God is who I trust because grass has saved my life from the sins of an alcoholic.

    Last year, my life was on the line thanks to those liver killer we call Alcohol. I like to feel light headed but then I got carried away. I like to sleep light headed but 12 packs of beer before sleeping can lead to, headaches and nausea. And you don’t know how much I have being nauseous in the morning.

    My first experience with indica and hybrid was the best thing in my life. Despite the cotton mouth, flavors of the food becomes more intense. Chocolate milk is my cup of tea when I’m stoned. And when it comes to sleeping, i’ve never had a sleep that amazing in my entire life.

    And regarding tripping out when the effect hits. Everything is scattering in my mind like viewing a fast slideshow (it’s not bad to be honest). I wouldn’t recommend taking a hit before driving a car but good for staying home and relax, and being in a party as long as you have a sober friend giving you a ride back home. But in the end, I just realized that this is more harmless than alcohol and I wouldn’t hesitate to throw a 12 pack out of a cliff while giving it a middle finger.

    Alot of differences between alcohol and marijuana is mindblowing. A couple of months ago, one of my long life friends was surrounded by stress and depression. He drank alot of liquor to kill off the depressants and tried to commit suicide (my other friends saved him and he’s okay). Alcohol makes depressants worse but marijuana kills off depressants completely.

    It’s been 8 months and now I feel better than ever. And as a non alcoholic, I’m proud to say that alcohol is dead, marijuana is the future, and the future is now.

    Marijuana save lives but they come with greater responsibility. Once Marijuana is legalized in New Zealand, we should encourage everyone to use it responsibly. Marijuana for the win.

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