New Jersey medical cannabis dispensaries can now post prices online

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New Jersey medical marijuana, New Jersey medical cannabis dispensaries can now post prices online

New Jersey is allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to advertise prices on their websites and social media, a move generally welcomed by the state’s cannabis industry as a way to differentiate offerings.

“Certainly it’s going to be good for businesses,” said Scott Rudder, president of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association. “It gives them the opportunity to show various strains at different prices.

“Dispensaries often give discounts depending on strain availability, and they give veterans discounts.”

New Jersey’s vertically integrated MMJ operators can choose whether to provide price information and to what extent, according to state officials.

But Rudder said he expects all will do so “at the end of the day.”

He said the current six medical marijuana operators recognize that the New Jersey industry is going to become more competitive. Posting prices, Rudder said, will compel MMJ businesses “to be as attractive to (customers) as possible.”

Rudder praised New Jersey’s health department for getting the market ready for that competition.

The state recently took in 146 applications for six more vertically integrated MMJ licenses, essentially doubling the program.

New Jersey had planned to make its license selections public on Nov. 1, but regulators said last week it will take longer to review the applications.